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Preachers show off wealth

10 October 2014 CELEBRITY preachers are reportedly spending millions of dollars on luxury cars at a time their flock is feeling the effects of the liquidity crunch bedevilling Zimbabwe.

Prophets gang up against mass protests

6 October 2014 A CALL by Movement for Democratic Change, (MDC) for Zimbabweans to brace themselves for mass protests over lack of jobs and rising poverty has spilled into the church.

Women demand flavoured condoms

1 October 2014 ZIMBABWEAN women are demanding flavoured female condoms which are attractive, sexy and friendly to use as the current ones are considered too thick.

Mnangagwa blames diplomats of spying

1 October 2014 EMMERSON Mnangagwa, minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs last week told legislators to be cautious when dealing with local diplomats as some of them are secret agents of their governments.

A tale of two doctors

22 September 2014 VICE President Joice Mujuru has just won herself a new opponent in Grace Mugabe, a person who is matching her stride for stride and even threatens her position as Zanu PF second vice secretary.

Bona in image make-over

22 September 2014 PUBLIC perception has been that she is shy and a replica of her mother, Grace, not just in looks but dressing as well.

'Disabled' vendors cry foul

15 September 2014 AS the country's economic meltdown continues, people living with disabilities are fighting for vending space in the cities.

Remaining white farmers must leave: Chinamasa

15 September 2014 PATRICK Chinamasa minister of Finance told legislators in Parliament this week that he supported President Robert Mugabe's calls for the remaining white farmers to leave the country rather than make false statements that they were facing fresh farm invasions.

Soldiers invade music concert

5 September 2014 AN ESTIMATED 100 soldiers last week "invaded" a dancehall music gig at the City Sports Centre in Harare forcing the promoters to hire three military police personnel to manage the troops.

Tokwe Murkosi villagers starve

5 September 2014 VICTIMS of Tokwe- Mukosi floods who were recently forced to move out of Chingwizi holding transit camp to new plots have expressed concern over continuing hunger and starvation because well-wishers who used to help them with food donations have since stopped the supplies.

Ebola war

1 September 2014 A WAR is brewing between southern Africa neighbours over Ebola with borders being shut, and health checkpoints targeting truckers from the Democratic Republic of Congo being set up.

'Indigenisation, Empowerment Act to stay'

1 September 2014 FRANCIS Nhema, minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment has informed legislators that government is not going to amend or change the Indigenisation and Empowerment Act.

Celebs cash in on prophets

27 August 2014 CELEBRITIES, including top politicians, business people, popular musicians, television presenters, pole dancers and football administrators are all joining gospel prosperity churches in droves as they search of happiness and financial wealth.

Robert Jnr's political dilemma

8 August 2014 NEWS making the rounds that some Zanu PF provincial youth structures were pushing President Robert Mugabe's son, Robert Jnr, 21, into the Youth League has been received with mixed feelings by political and social commentators.

Brita's fall from grace

1 August 2014 FORMER Miss Zimbabwe and Miss Malaika winner, Brita Masalethulini has suddenly fallen from grace to grass as details of her love life emerge in the courts.

Outrage over CCTVs in classrooms

25 July 2014 ZIMBABWE prides itself of an excellent education system that is matched by few countries in the region. But does installing CCTVs in classrooms enhance the teaching practice?

Rush for Magaya's anointing oil

21 July 2014 DESPERATE unemployed Zimbabwean youths are cashing in on the anointing oil from Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries' as they sell it on the black market due to a surge in demand.

$1 for sex at Chingwizi

11 July 2014 CHILD prostitution is on the rise at Chingwizi holding camp as school girls sell their bodies for as little as $1.

Mermaids snatch student

4 July 2014 COMMUNITIES in diamond-rich area of Chiadzwa are living in fear of mermaids reportedly sighted at dams built by mining companies.

Zimbos in genital piercing rush

27 June 2014 WHILE pierced ears have long been fashionable for both men and women, a new trend has gripped Zimbabweans - male and female genital piercing.

I'm sorry

24 June 2014 PUBLIC apologies seem to have become fashionable in Zimbabwe and in recent weeks Zimbabweans have been forced to reach out and say; "I am sorry" to those they had offended.

Lepers left to die

30 May 2014 DURING the 1960s Mutemwa Mountain was a dumping ground for lepers.

Macheso saga triggers debate

12 May 2014 SUNGURA music star Alick Macheso, who has fallen out with his former wife Tafadzwa Mapako - has sparked fierce debate over the way he treated his children for sunken fontanels (nhova).

Bev shames Magaya

28 April 2014 RAUNCHY dancer Beverley Sibanda's spectacular return to her trade - barely months after ditching the striptease show for God - has shamed Walter Magaya and his church.

Chiyangwa's videos go viral

22 April 2014 CONTROVERSIAL businessman Phillip Chiyangwa's YouTube videos - shot in cars and at his Borrowdale mansion - have gone viral on social networks.

Makandiwa has gays 'panicking'

4 April 2014 FOUNDER of United Family International Church (UFIC) Emmanuel Makandiwa has sent gays and lesbians panicking over the scathing remarks he made on their practice.

Pregnant women caught up in floods disaster

25 March 2014 MORE than 100 pregnant women who are victims of the Tokwe-Mukorsi floods have no access to clean water and proper shelter.

Mugabe's empty threats on corruption

25 March 2014 PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has been long on anti-corruption rhetoric but short on action to curb the scourge.

Simba's grand bachelor's party

5 March 2014 TOP government ministers, church leaders, businessmen and pilots were among the colourful guests that attended a bachelor's party for President Robert Mugabe's son-in-law Simba Chikore on Wednesday night.

Last man standing

24 February 2014 PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, who turns 90 today, continues to defy the progress of time and ill-health reports.

Psmas funded Mugabe's cake

17 February 2014 OUSTED Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) chief executive Cuthbert Dube and his executive routinely lavished President Robert Mugabe with his 21st February Movement birthday cakes, the WeekendPost can reveal.

Looting spree

10 February 2014 HAS Zimbabwe become a nation of looters?

CEO's monthly salary pays Mugabe for 9 years

3 February 2014 PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe might be the most powerful man in the land, but he has to work for 115 months to match the $230 000 monthly salary of retired Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube.

Wizards re-brand into church pastors

17 January 2014 RECENT controversies being brewed by church pastors have shocked society as some are brought to court on allegations of raping congregants while others are proclaiming bizarre miracles, including raising the dead.

Masters degree for temporary teaching

10 January 2014 PROSPECTIVE temporary teachers - including those for grade one classes -now have to produce a masters degree as an overwhelmed government raises the entry bar.

Churches turning into cults

21 December 2013 THEY live in a world of their own, in small communities.

ZBC TV snubs Mandela coverage

13 December 2013 AS the world mourns former South African President Nelson Mandela, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, ZBC TV has decided to ignore the spectacular event.

Women rape women

13 December 2013 ZIMBABWE has seen an increase in cases of female-on-female sexual assault cases, a United Nations (UN) report has said.

South Africa and world mourn Mandela

6 December 2013 JOHANNESBURG - South Africans have gathered in Johannesburg and Soweto to mourn their former leader, Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday aged 95.

Satanism invades Churches

30 November 2013 "FOR false Christ and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect," so reads Mark 13 verse 23.

Zimbabweans hold on to old currency

30 November 2013 ZIMBABWEANS are still holding on to their old Zimbabwean dollar notes which counted to nothing during its days in circulation, with the hope the notes would finally have value.

Mudzuri sparks succession debate

23 November 2013 ELIAS Mudzuri, the Warren Park MDC MP recently sparked a hot succession debate within MDC when he declared his readiness to gun for the presidency currently held by former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Students charge $2 for sex

22 November 2013 WHEN the sun goes down, nightlife takes over.

First Lady, Tsvangirai, Mujuru's little bridge

18 November 2013 THERE is a small and dangerous bridge in Chikomba district which for years has gone unattended but interestingly is used by high profile politicians.

Worms found in hair weaves

15 November 2013 WITH one in four women in Harare donning a weave coming from as far as Brazil and India, shocking details have emerged that some of the weaves have maggots or worms.

Professors' dream to rule Zim

8 November 2013 THEY are famed for producing graduates at universities, garrulous and pursuing legal and political events, but seemingly innate to entice votes in national elections.

Girl robber dies at 15

1 November 2013 FOR ignoring parental advice not to associate with "wicked" friend Florence, Shyleen Mkoma, 15, died in the company of hard-core criminals that included the "infamous" Mbare robber Boris Mushonga.

Men on mission

25 October 2013 A BLOOD and thunder three-day fiesta of preaching and prophecy kicked off in Harare yesterday where three of the most charismatic and powerful prophets in Africa take turns to spread the word of God to thousands of Zimbabweans.

Jailed Dudu at Gwanzura

18 October 2013 HOW times change. Just a year after claiming that she could not sing for the poor and was against her music being sold in the high density suburbs, incarcerated jazz diva Dudu Manhenga is expected to headline Africa Prisons and Correctional Services Day commemorations.

Grace's school fails to attract students

11 October 2013 FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe's state-of-the-art school is struggling to attract pupils, with the upmarket and overpriced learning institution still enrolling.