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Sex workers terrorise Avenues

24 October 2016 SEX workers are causing havoc in the capital's Avenues area where they are harassing and robbing men going about their business.

I don't have a boyfriend: Mujuru

16 October 2016 FORMER vice president and widow of the late general Solomon Mujuru, Joice who has since her ouster from Zanu PF been attacked by former colleagues for her supposed "illicit love affairs" says she has had no boyfriend, five years after her husband's death.

'Universities fuelling HIV'

10 October 2016 FEMALE university students are fuelling the spread of HIV in Zimbabwe, officials say, as the population becomes a headache for the Health ministry.

Council in n'anga headache

30 September 2016 THE battle between Kuwadzana-based traditional healer Ithamar Mudzengerere and the Harare City Council rages on with the former claiming there are forces in council against his practice.

Popular pastor sued over models

23 September 2016 DESTINY for Afrika Network (DANet) leader and strong Zanu PF sympathiser Obadiah Musindo has been issued with summons for civil imprisonment for a debt amounting to over $10 000 that he allegedly owes Bulawayo-based Strides Models pageant run by Sipho Mazibuko.

You are next, so improve our jails

16 September 2016 FORMER Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairperson Temba Mliswa has mockingly said his former colleagues in the ruling party must improve prisons conditions as they will soon be joining other prisoners on corruption charges.

Chinese firm pays workers with bricks

9 September 2016 MORE than 100 workers from Chinese building firm Golden Bricks who have gone for eight months without receiving their salaries are being paid in bricks.

Council scared to evict n'anga

17 August 2016 A TRADITIONAL healer known as Mambo has given Harare City Council (HCC) sleepless nights as they are afraid to remove him from a shrine which he erected on council land.

'Bona lost baby twins'

17 August 2016 PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe's daughter, Bona Chikore, was pregnant with twins but lost them during the first year of her marriage, a situation which devastated the First Family and its in-laws, First Lady Grace Mugabe has revealed.

I'm now a vendor: Mujuru

17 August 2016 ZIMBABWE People First (ZPF) leader, Joice Mujuru says despite being a former vice president, she has now become an informal trader and she has also been affected by the ban on imports by government.

When women tame the crocodile

17 August 2016 WHILE Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is seen by many as a sophisticated and feared politician; a perception that has earned him the moniker Crocodile, two "simple" Zanu PF women's league officials seem to be hell-bent on exposing him as nothing more than a paper tiger.

Prophecy on US dollar

22 July 2016 APART from his 1957 prophecy that Zimbabwe would be led by a President with the name of an angel - Gabriel, leader of Johanne Masowe Vadzidzi Vajesu, Madzibaba Wimbo also predicted the adoption of the US$ by the country, his family has claimed.

A new leader is born

15 July 2016 OVER the years, Zimbabweans have watched as their government has made martyrs out of ordinary folk, unwittingly giving life to potential revolutions as they brew.

Zim paralysed by stay-away

8 July 2016 On Wednesday there was a total "shutdown" of Zimbabwe as citizens decided to stay away from work and school in protest of the country's economic turmoil and social injustice.

Living on less than $1 a day

17 June 2016 AS THE country's economy continues to sink deeper, ordinary people in high-density suburbs have turned to chicken offal for relish and trading these has become brisk business.

Hookers robbing tobacco farmers

10 June 2016 WITH the tobacco-selling season underway, many farmers are falling prey to vice in Harare's high density suburbs as they lose all their earnings to hookers.

Gumbura misses out on amnesty

3 June 2016 Over 2 000 prisoners were released through the presidential amnesty last week, but End Time Message founder Robert Martin Gumbura and Madzibaba Ishmael Chokurongerwa, two controversial characters, have remained behind bars.

Magaya building $90 million church

27 May 2016 PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya is in the process of constructing a $90 million church at his Waterfalls base in the capital.

People can keep zvihuta: Minister

20 May 2016 GOVERNMENT is set to investigate the circumstances under which some quail bird farmers were arrested for rearing the birds in Midlands recently.

'We will keep our money at home'

15 May 2016 INFORMAL traders have pressed a panic button saying they will not bank their money after last week's announcement by the Reserve Bank (RBZ) that it is planning to introduce bond notes.

Ministers fight over zvihuta

8 May 2016 VICE president (VP) Emmerson Mnangagwa says government has not banned quail (zvihuta)-rearing projects claiming the birds are delicious and Zimbabweans enjoy their meat.

Hookers cry foul

2 May 2016 FOR the 16 years that HIV-positive Esnath Sikweyala has been a sex worker, she has seen it all, but is still at a loss over men's demands to have unprotected sex with her despite her status

Former drug runner lives in a Willys jeep

22 April 2016 PEOPLE around him judge him harshly for declining to use his talent to dig himself out of a pauper's life and away from living in his house on wheels - an old Willys Jeep.

Sungura artiste claims he resurrects the dead

8 April 2016 AFTER failing to make a huge impact on the showbiz industry as a sungura artiste, Tendai "Dotcom" Chipara crossed floors into the religion sector where he is drawing big crowds as a charismatic prophet, claiming he has the power to resurrect dead people.

Woman trapped in a man's body

1 April 2016 "GROWING up, I would dress up in women's clothing and do make up, like any other little girl, even though I would not go out like that, it felt liberating," narrates Brighton Chigova (not his real name).

When religion turns ridiculous

29 March 2016 A wave of self-proclaimed prophets and fly-by-night churches has hit Zimbabwe amid claims of miracles ranging from people "walking on water", prophesies of an economic boom and such other self promoting religious acts, if not stunts.

Fungisai, good girl gone bad?

18 March 2016 FELLOW musicians have urged "gospel" singer Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave to develop a thick skin after becoming the latest victim of cyber bullying due to her dressing and collaborating with Zimdancehall artiste Killer T.

Teen prostitutes take over sex trade

13 March 2016 TEEN sex workers have invaded almost all available spaces of operation in ghettos and cities, forcing older prostitutes out of the game.

I can't live without Daisy, says Tuku

4 March 2016 MUSICIAN Oliver Mtukudzi, aka Tuku, says he is where he is today because of his wife Daisy whom he says budgets time for him.

Youths get high on rat poison, ARVs, frog fluid cocktail

29 February 2016 ZIMBABWEAN drug lords have found a ready market among youths as they cash in on a new intoxicating underground drug - nyaope - which is smoked as a mixture of rat poison, anti-retroviral drugs and marijuana/mbanje.

Make me minister, says Chinotimba

20 February 2016 BUHERA South Member of Parliament Joseph Chinotimba has dared President Robert Mugabe to take the bold and unprecedented step of making him the minister of Local Government and Public Works.

Don't deny each other sex: Magaya

15 February 2016 PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya has advised married couples not to deny each other sex.

Teen strippers invade ghettoes

5 February 2016 THE female strip-tease mania has hit ghettos as young, red-hot teen girls take to the romp at several nightclubs with some stripping to the flesh.

Virginity testing goes bizarre

29 January 2016 TWO Epworth women who shoved a wooden spoon into a 15-year-old girl's privates in a bid to forcibly test her virginity appeared in court this week.

Zim to have female president: Prophet

26 January 2016 BULAWAYO-BASED prophet Mduduzi Dube says God has told him that in the near future a woman would be president of Zimbabwe.

'We use Bible as toilet paper'

20 January 2016 DEATHROW inmates have resorted to using pages from the "sacred" Bible when they relieve themselves as broke authorities fail to provide them with toilet paper and other every day requirements.

Man barks for a living

12 January 2016 AN unemployed Harare youth - Tinashe Savanhu - has become a popular figure in Kuwadzana for his unique dog-like barking "skills" which can be mistaken for a charging vicious bulldog.

Jesus was also controversial: Sanyangore

12 December 2015 CONTROVERSIAL Victory World International Ministries founder Paul Sanyangore, who recently left tongues wagging after he "anointed" condoms before distributing them to some female congregants at his church in Harare, told the WeekendPost that he is inspired by Jesus in courting controversy.

Condoms galore at Aids conference

8 December 2015 IT was condoms galore at the ongoing 18th International Conference on Aids and STIs in Africa (Icasa) as around one million units were distributed to delegates and visitors to the conference.

We consult Vapostori: Grace

27 November 2015 FIRST LADY Grace Mugabe says she is an apostolic sect member and that she is called Madzimai Grace.

'We'll wait for our man'

15 November 2015 JAILED Independent End Time Message founder Robert Martin Gumbura's 11 wives have vowed to wait for the clergyman, who is currently serving 40 years in prison for rape, claiming that he was a man-and-a-half.

'Drugs ruin MP's family'

6 November 2015 ZANU PF Hurungwe West MP Keith Never Guzah's wife of more than two decades has sensationally revealed how the parliamentarian's love for women and drugs destroyed their marriage.

Accident during CBD sex romp

23 October 2015 A PASTOR with a local pentecostal church and his friend's sex adventure turned into horror recently. They picked up two school girls and began having a fling with them in their car as they drove along Leopold Takawira Street, resulting in an accident.

Condemned chickens flood black market

16 October 2015 WITH hunger and extreme poverty lingering in the homes, cash-strapped families in Harare have resorted to buying condemned chickens which die on their own, maybe due to excessive heat, stampedes or disease outbreaks.

Sex workers swarm ghettos

9 October 2015 SEX workers have invaded ghettos where they now openly operate from street corners within the suburbs, a situation that has brought discomfort to married women who fear their men might be tempted as the prostitutes are within the vicinity.

Over 1 million to throng Magaya's SA crusade

4 October 2015 MORE than 1 million people are expected for the PHD leader Walter Magaya's crusade in Pretoria today, said organisers of the crusade.

'Zim men to take paternity leave'

25 September 2015 THE government of Zimbabwe should seriously consider the adoption of paternity leave for men so as to advance gender equality.

Fired workers risk imprisonment over maintenance

25 September 2015 MEN who have lost their jobs and had all along been paying monthly maintenance for the upkeep of their children are flooding the courts to seek down variations as they can no longer afford the current payments.

Fired workers turn to n'angas, prophets

18 September 2015 TRADITIONAL healers and prophets say they have been recording brisk business of late, as "desperate" workers flock to them for help after losing their jobs.

Men with 'breasts' flock to Magaya

11 September 2015 WHILE big boobs are the dream of every woman, for Tinashe (not real name) - whose boobs resemble those of a breastfeeding woman - they have psychologically tormented him as he experiences sleepless nights.