Woman squanders uncle's pension

13 March 2016 A MBARE woman was on Tuesday sentenced to three years' imprisonment after she diverted her late uncle's pension into her bank account and squandered the money while his three children suffered.

Agent fakes soldiers' payslip

13 March 2016 A FORMER G-Tel sales agent, who reportedly stole cellphones and manufactured fake soldiers' payslips to effect deductions in bid to cover up for his deceit, appeared in court yesterday.

Villagers dying from medieval diseases

13 March 2016 PARLIAMENTARIANS fear many could be dying from medieval diseases such as malaria due to lack of access to health care because disparities in the distribution of village health workers across the country.

Vendors cash in on Mugabe bash

4 March 2016 TO some President Robert Mugabe's lavish birthday party was a day to have fun, while several vendors saw a huge business opportunity as they recorded high sales.

'Castrate child rapists'

4 March 2016 CASTRATION is President Robert Mugabe's one-word solution for curbing spiralling sex offences against children.

HIV patients affected by health workers' strike

4 March 2016 PEOPLE living with HIV are the most affected by the ongoing strike by Mutare City Health workers, Zimbabwe National Network of people living with HIV (ZNNP+) has revealed.

Bootlicking the Emperor

29 February 2016 THE opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvangirai has launched a stinging attack on Zanu PF bigwigs saying they are surviving on bootlicking President Robert Mugabe whom they treat like a "demi-god".

Harare among worst world cities

29 February 2016 ZIMBABWE'S capital - Harare - has been ranked a distant 209 out of 230 cities in a Mercer Quality of Life survey conducted recently.

Of First Family and the courts

29 February 2016 UNLIKE in the past, cases involving the First Family have spilled into the courts - ranging from those insulting President Robert Mugabe which have been heard in almost all of the country's courts to employees who would have stolen from their vast businesses.

Human rights activists acquitted

20 February 2016 Three human rights activists were acquitted of criminal charges at the Harare Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.

HCC orders demolition of all tuck shops in Mbare

20 February 2016 HARARE City Council has ordered owners to demolish all makeshift structures serving as tuck shops in Mbare.

Project set to ease power crisis

20 February 2016 AN ENGINEER Jeremia Sundire, who invented a hydro engine powered by water, has successfully sourced funds to develop an internationally-certified prototype, in a move that is set to alleviate the electricity crisis in the country.

'Starving Buhera villagers denied food rations'

15 February 2016 TRADITIONAL leaders in Buhera West are reportedly politicising the distribution of food in the area, leaving several alleged MDC supporters going for days without food, as hunger ravages the drought-prone zone.

Three women collapse at Zanu PF headquarters

15 February 2016 THREE women collapsed at the Zanu PF headquarters as hundreds of ruling party supporters thronged the facility ahead of a "crunch" politburo meeting where heads were expected to roll.

Nurses endure 3 months' salary backlog: Official

15 February 2016 NURSES providing health service at Harare City Council (HCC) run medical facilities have a salary backlog of three months, the city's director of health said.

Hospital blamed for 14-year-old's death

5 February 2016 A hospital incapacitated by lack of drugs has been blamed for the death of a 14-year-old snakebite victim in rural Insiza in Matabeleland South.

Mtetwa rubs salt into Tomana

5 February 2016 PROMINENT human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa on Tuesday rubbed salt into the wounds of embattled Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana who was in the dock at the Harare Magistrates' Courts facing abuse of office charges.

Nyatsime scores 100pc pass rate

29 January 2016 Nyatsime College has achieved a 100 percent "A" Level pass rate for the November 2015 examination session. Thirty eight of its pupils managed at least 10 plus points, the school said in a statement.

Relief teachers' contracts terminated

29 January 2016 GOVERNMENT has terminated contracts of relief teachers who had been hired to replace full-time teachers on vacation for the first term of the 2016 educational calendar.

Chinese men bargain too much: Sex workers

29 January 2016 COMMERCIAL sex workers operating in Epworth's Secondary Overspill shops have revealed to the WeekendPost that of late they have enlarged their client base, thanks to Chinese men working at a construction site in the area.

Youths sell bond coins for profit

26 January 2016 THE once-rejected bond coin has become the cornerstone of unemployed youths who are now making a profit selling the coin on the black market.

Father forces son to wipe his bottom

26 January 2016 A MAN from Highlands in Harare who reportedly locked his 9-year-old son in a toilet before forcing him to wipe his bottom clean appeared in court this week.

Employees love stealing from Mugabe

26 January 2016 DESPITE being considered to be one of the most feared men in the country, President Robert Mugabe has become a target of his employees who have continuously dared to steal from the nonagenarian leader's companies.

Solar-powered drip irrigation enhances food security in Gwanda

13 January 2016 Nothing good can come out of Gwanda it seems. The place is dangerously hot, lifeless and is characterised by low rainfall patterns. In fact, it resembles a desert.

Don't give children condoms: Charumbira

12 January 2016 AS DEBATES rage on around the issues of giving out contraceptives to teenagers in Zimbabwe, chiefs have outrightly dismissed the idea as unacceptable and a foreign concept.

No one is safe from suicide: ZHDA

12 January 2016 WHILE Zimbabweans are intolerant to suicide with the action viewed as immoral, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) believes every man has a tipping point.

Husband steals wife's pants

12 January 2016 A SOUTH Africa-based Zimbabwean couple left the court in stitches after the woman divulged their secret bedroom issues during a protection order application

'Police beat suspect to death'

12 December 2015 A CHITUNGWIZA woman has accused police officers of beating up her husband to death, which she argues has prejudiced the life of her three-year-old child.

Young farmers marrying early

12 December 2015 WITH extra cash in their pockets, small scale farmers in the rich farming area of Mutoko are marrying early, marriages which are not lasting.

'Harare needs new water main pipes'

8 December 2015 HARARE City Council (HCC) will be engaging the Chinese government on possible investment opportunities in the city's water infrastructure.

Mayor, officials' guards withdrawn

8 December 2015 COUNCILLORS have resolved to have security removed from senior council officials and the mayor's residence.

Fight over Charge Office flea-market

8 December 2015 HARARE councillors are accusing government of misusing the land adjacent to Harare Central Police Station, contrary to its planned purposes.

Men blacklisted for failing to get tested for HIV

27 November 2015 ZIMBABWEAN rural men who are reluctant to get tested for HIV together with their pregnant partners during antenatal care are getting blacklisted by traditional leaders in the areas they live, it has been revealed.

Political violence spreads

15 November 2015 OBSEVERS have expressed concern that the ugly scenes of political violence that are being witnessed in some parts of Harare could degenerate into a nationwide crisis reminiscent of the one which flared up in the run-up to the 2008 presidential run-off following an inconclusive election.

130 000 locals risk going blind

15 November 2015 WORLD Health Organisation says 340 million people worldwide are living with visual impairments, with 18 percent of all blind people living in Africa, while one percent of Zimbabweans are affected with blindness.

Child living with albinism mutilated in bizzare ritual

15 November 2015 SOME Zimbabwean communities, like some parts of Africa, still harbour bizarre beliefs and practices that body parts from people living with albinism can bring good luck.

Trigger-happy man in trouble

6 November 2015 A HARARE man who shot at pedestrians at Roadport during a brawl with his brother appeared in court charged with attempted murder.

Alarm as dams dry-up

6 November 2015 TWO dams in Bulawayo are expected to be decommissioned this month as water levels continue to decline in the city's supply dams, an official has revealed.

Teenage sex on the rise

6 November 2015 AS economic woes continue to dog the country, there is a growing trend in which teenage girls are selling sex for as little as 50 cents in Caledonia, Harare.

7 000 women sexually abused in 2014

23 October 2015 Close to 7 000 women reported being sexually-abused in 2014; the National Aids Council (Nac) revealed this week.

Catholic nun's love for abandoned children

23 October 2015 STARTING off with just three abandoned boys she picked up from the streets in 1992, Catholic nun Mercy Mutyambizi now takes care of 437 children, from infants to university students.

Street kids, police clash

23 October 2015 THERE was drama on Tuesday at Market Square Bus Terminus in Harare following a demonstration by street kids against police in the wake of the death of one of their own after he was run over by a kombi in August.

19-year nightmare ends

17 October 2015 EVERY time Tuwede Adam, 36 coughed, sneezed, laughed or cried she involuntarily urinated on herself and was so disgusted by her own body and the smell that emanated from it.

1,5 million Zimbos urgently need food

17 October 2015 THE United Nations (UN) office in Zimbabwe has appealed for $86 million funding from its humanitarian and development partners to urgently fill a shortfall and support 1,5 million people affected by food insecurity in the country.

Residents lose confidence in mayor

17 October 2015 HARARE mayor Bernard Manyenyeni should release names of municipal officers who assaulted residents while demolishing their structures or step down if he cannot solve the housing debacle in the city, residents have demanded.

Power cuts biting hard

9 October 2015 THE current power cuts that have been taking place are affecting everyone from all walks of life, including artistes who feel their trade is being badly affected.

Guard rapes girl at swimming pool

9 October 2015 A SECURITY guard who raped an 18- year-old girl while manning Les Brown Swimming Pool in Harare was this week caged nine years.

Musician Chase Skuza in trouble

9 October 2015 ONE of Bulawayo's top musicians, Nicholas Chase Skuza, who was accused of fleecing a South Africa-based truck driver of $2 900 in a botched residential stand deal escaped jail sentence after he was given a lesser sentence of community service.

Harare owed 380 million

2 October 2015 HARARE City Council is surviving on a shoestring budget while debtors owe $380 million against a 2015 budget of $390 million. During a budget meeting with stakeholders' council finance director Justin Mandizha said on average the city is collecting just 55 percent of their billing.

Man caught with 36 bales

2 October 2015 A MUTARE man gave police details a hard time after fleeing arrest because he was transporting 36 bales of second-hand clothes.