Mugabe's naughty boys

17 August 2016 EVERYWHERE they go, they attract attention, if it is not because of the entourage that follows them, it's the clothes and hairstyles they spot or simply because of their names.

Jobless Matobo youths flock to SA

17 August 2016 YOUTHS in Matobo Districts have bemoaned lack of employment opportunities which has resulted in extreme poverty levels, hence contemplating crossing into neighbouring South Africa.

Associations divided over demolitions

17 August 2016 AS demolitions of illegal structures continue in Harare, residents are divided with some supporting Harare City Council (HCC) while others are adamant that demolitions are inhumane and unconstitutional.

Man sells 'abnormal chickens'

22 July 2016 A Harare man has caused a stir by selling an "abnormal and rare" chicken breed that is three times the size of a normal chicken found in Zimbabwe.

Teen prophet tricks four females

22 July 2016 A 19-year-old self-proclaimed prophet has been slapped with a $200 fine for sending his four female clients on a fools' errand to wash their privates with holy water while he disappeared with their cell phones.

Sister stabbed over fork

22 July 2016 A DZIVARASEKWA woman allegedly stabbed her sister with a knife on the head following an argument over a fork.

The day Chipanga met Joice Mujuru

15 July 2016 CONTROVERSIAL singer Hosiah Chipanga said when he met former Vice President Joice Mujuru she promised to hunt down her husband's killers.

Land baron sentence riles residents

15 July 2016 CALEDONIA Farm residents are mulling contesting a $250 fine imposed against a land baron who was convicted for swindling the desperate home seekers of over $170 000.

Anointed pens prophet lies?

15 July 2016 CONTROVERSIAL House of Grace International Church founder Sham Hungwe - who grabbed headlines in the media last year for selling "anointed pens" to students during examination time - had predicted an economic boom by this month in January but the situation is getting worse.

Selling mice, big business

8 July 2016 FOR some Zimbabweans living in urban areas eating mice, insects or bugs is welcomed with feelings of aversion and disgust. Yet for their rural counterparts, their consumption, especially of mice during the period just after harvesting right through the winter season, is part of their staple diet.

Bogus nurse nabbed

8 July 2016 A BOGUS nurse who reportedly used fake educational qualifications to gain employment at Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) since 2012 appeared in court this week charged with fraud.

Pastor physically abuses son's girlfriend

8 July 2016 An Apostolic Faith Mission pastor and his family who allegedly assaulted their would- be daughter-in-law and forced her to spend the night outside appeared in court.

White farmer dragged to court

19 June 2016 A BULAWAYO woman has dragged Insiza commercial farmer Bruce Moffat to court seeking an order to have him evicted from the disputed Oaklands Farm in Shangani.

'Mugabe must appoint albino minister'

19 June 2016 ZIMBABWE's society of people living with albinism have said the only way their concerns can truly be addressed is if President Robert Mugabe moves to include a person living with albinism to his Cabinet.

Man beds mistress in wife's presence

19 June 2016 A 50-YEAR-OLD Tynwald man reportedly beds his mistress in his wife's presence in a bid to induce her into divorcing him, a court heard.

Samora Machel Avenue: Zim's power artery

10 June 2016 PERCHED on the heartbeat of the country's capital Harare, Samora Machel Avenue - named after Mozambique's first black president - is the epitome of President Robert Mugabe's 36-year-old uninterrupted octopus-like grip on power in the southern African country.

Gweru town clerk drags Kasukuwere to court

10 June 2016 SUSPENDED Gweru town clerk Daniel Matawu has taken Local Government Public Works and National Housing minister Saviour Kasukuwere to court challenging his suspension as well as the decision to unlawfully extend the tenure of the three commissioners he appointed to run the local authority.

Makandiwa exhibits lyrical prowess

10 June 2016 UNITED Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa exhibited his lyrical prowess praising wife Ruth as a "pillar of strength" during the official launch of his personal brand at a local hotel on Saturday.

Hookers unfazed by winter chill

3 June 2016 WHILE many people stay safe and warm inside their houses during the cold evenings, sex workers have stayed put on the streets, aiming to pocket the much-needed scarce dollar.

EcoCash transactions top $6,6bn

3 June 2016 Econet Wireless Zimbabwe (Econet) says it will continue investing in infrastructure to diversify its revenue streams after the company's mobile money platform, EcoCash, moved over $6,6 billion since its launch five years ago.

Geriatric up for sodomising boy (13)

3 June 2016 A MAN, 71, has been arrested for sodomising a 13-year-old boy who had sought refuge at his home after escaping from his parents' house.

Zanu PF 'bully' schools to provide buses

27 May 2016 SCHOOL buses from all over the country thronged into the capital city this week as Zanu PF alledgedly commandeered schools to release their buses which ferried people to President Robert Mugabe's one million-man march held in Harare this week.

City to evict tenants from properties

27 May 2016 HARARE City Council is seeking to evict tenants from its rented properties in high density suburbs as it revealed that 70 percent of them are not the original lease holders.

Abuse of mental health drugs on the increase

27 May 2016 A26-year-old man, Norman Jonas, died last week in Kuwadzana, Harare after a drug overdose mixture of diazepam and chlorpromazine (CPZ), a practice that is now rife in the high density suburbs.

Kaseke backs Mzembi's Unwto campaign

20 May 2016 ZIMBABWE Tourism Association chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke this week took his campaign to Bulawayo backing Tourism minister Walter Mzembi to be the next secretary-general of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (Unwto).

Hubby bashes wife after being caught red-handed

20 May 2016 AN EPWORTH man who bashed his second wife after she had caught him red-handed canoodling with another woman at his first wife's residence has appeared in court.

Manager attempts throwing wife from first floor

20 May 2016 A MANAGER at Digitron Business Systems who reportedly attempted to throw his wife from the first floor of his business premises after she had caught him with a lover at work appeared in court this week.

Shop owners waived from publicising licences

16 May 2016 SHOP owners have been waived from advertising their licences until further notice following a directive by the Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere.

Fake motor insurance policy vendors dribbled

16 May 2016 JUST like money changers, third party motor insurance policy vendors lost relevance last week when Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) announced they will be implementing the computerisation of third party cover notes with effect from May 1.

Hubby knived for being broke

16 May 2016 A BORROWDALE woman who reportedly stabbed her broke hubby after he had failed to give her some money was denied bail this week.

Ban of Scripture Unions slammed

8 May 2016 PARENTS are outraged over the Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora's ban on Scripture Unions in schools while at the same time introducing the controversial national pledge. Our staff writer Kudzai Chipamuriwo spoke to some parents who gave their views on this development

Smartly-dressed 'beggars' invade city

8 May 2016 DESPERATE times call for desperate measures, and true to this adage, many Zimbabweans have turned into deceptive money beggars, as the country's economy continues to sink.

Man invents water pump-powered vehicle

8 May 2016 WHILE many think failing one's Ordinary Level ("O" Level) is the end of the road, Romario Kashitigu has defied odds after he invented a water pump-powered motor vehicle.

When goblins work against their masters

2 May 2016 AFTER 48-year-old Afareshe Gambiza struck his wife to death with his truck and dragged her for several metres on the tarmac their son who had mysteriously become retarded suddenly regained sanity.

Congregants drip oil at church

2 May 2016 MT DARWIN-based preacher Brighton Chikomo of Bright Light Prophetic Ministries said he expects everyone in his church to drip oil from the hands when he is preaching.

Unity is solution to Africa's crisis: Chikane

2 May 2016 THE worsening economic crisis in Africa has contributed to the migration of its citizens to other countries in search of greener pastures.

Braai hot spots turn Hararians into carnivores

22 April 2016 IT IS official, Harare residents are carnivores, this follows a survey by the WeekendPost which showed that over 1 000 kilogrammes (kg) of meat is consumed at just one of the braai spots on a good day in the capital.

Pensioners cry foul over payouts

22 April 2016 PENSIONERS have blasted the cash-strapped government for failing to pay their April payouts saying they have become scapegoats of a "broke government".

One-man demo: New trend in Zim

22 April 2016 WHILE 26-year- old Tunisian youth Mohammed Bouazizi is famous in the whole Arab world for his one man demonstration in 2011 against worsening economic crisis he never lived to enjoy the fruits of his fame.

Man fined for bashing sex-starved wife

8 April 2016 A GLEN LORNE man was this week slapped with a $100 fine for bashing his wife after she had demanded to be intimate with him while he was about to leave for work.

Prostitutes selling sex for price of half a loaf

8 April 2016 Zimbabwe's crippling economic crisis has meant that more women in the capital, Harare, are selling sex with prices tumbling as low as the cost of half a loaf of bread.

Man strips wife in public

1 April 2016 A MAN who is in the habit of stripping his wife and assaulting her outside their home was dragged to Harare Civil Court this week. Tendai Kamonera applied for a protection order against her husband Nomore Tizanadzo before Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko.

Woman threatens to kill hubby

1 April 2016 A JILTED woman who could not come to terms with her divorce and threatened to kill her ex-husband's wife was dragged to Harare Civil Court yesterday Morgan Mupfawi applied for a protection order against his ex-wife Mercy Mandava.

'Bed', sex for $1.50

1 April 2016 WITH the harsh economic environment engulfing the entire country, desperate prostitutes are now charging just a dollar for sex which they offer in abandoned old vehicles.

Locals face gloomy Easter

29 March 2016 IN Zimbabwe Easter holiday is characterised with pomp and fun-fare, however, the spirit seems to have been dimmed by worsening the economic situation marked by company closures and job losses.

City to revive dental health services

29 March 2016 HARARE City Council (HCC) has set in motion plans to revive its dental health services which it used to operate at a large scale around townships in the capital.

Car parks, homes for others

29 March 2016 A DILAPIDATED truck, long abandoned in a makeshift car park does not seem anything out of the ordinary until Shingirai Tamire pops out in the wee hours of the morning.

200 women enslaved in Kuwait

20 March 2016 DESPERATE women are falling into job traps as they respond to enticing media advertisements that lure them to apply for informal jobs in countries outside Zimbabwe.

Minister calls for Harare-Beitbridge plane

20 March 2016 COURIER Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira wants to facilitate air travel for cross boarder traders between cities, especially Harare and Beitbridge.

New injectable contraceptive on the way

20 March 2016 ZIMBABWE will soon be introducing a new injectable contraceptive, Implanon that will complement jadelle which is the only injectable currently in use in the country.