Where are we headed to?

20 April 2012 ZIMBABWEANS celebrated the 32nd year of independence from Britain this week with heavy hearts. With Zanu PF threatening elections - which are usually violent - there was not much to look forward to during the 32nd year of independence.

All we need is common sense

14 April 2012 WHEN independence came in 1980 many Zimbabweans were weary of war. They had endured a 16-year bitter bush war in which some 30 000 people, mostly rural folk, died.

Stop this handshake nonsense

30 March 2012 IN THE Weekend Post today, we carry two stories on a crucial London Olympics development, which threatens to ruin the image of the 2012 games way before they have even started.

People have right to decide what they want

23 March 2012 IT IS not surprising that Zanu PF has made a resolution to block debate on amending the Urban Council's Council Act which seeks to clip the wings of Local Governmentminister Ignatius Chombo.

What will they think of next?

16 March 2012 IN AN interview with the a foreign news organisation after the bloody 2008 presidential re-run, an elderly retired lady teacher said: "Zanu PF tells a lot of lies and we are tired of their lies. They do not fulfil their promises."

Contextualising Zuma's visit

16 March 2012 A LOT of dust is being raised about the impending visit to Zimbabwe by South African President Jacob Zuma.  Zanu PF hacks and politicos have gone into full swing, launching a propaganda blitz aimed at confusing Zimbabweans about the purpose of the visit

Diamond discoveries won't translate into wealth

9 March 2012 ZIMBABWE seemingly has everything going for it. It has vast mineral resources, a large pool of skilled manpower, a good educational system, albeit it has been battered over the past decade.

Indigenisation guise to asset strip

9 March 2012 MDC Youth Assembly is greatly shocked by the recent attack on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai by Youth Empowerment minister Saviour Kasukuwere describing the Premier as a "loose cannon" protecting "imperial interests".

Role of youths in referendum

9 March 2012 IT is a historical fact that referenda are a rare phenomenon in the conduct of African politics.

Elections must be held, but at what cost

2 March 2012 TALK of elections in Zimbabwe invariably evokes a lot of emotions. This is because Zimbabwe has held five polls in eight years since 2000, with violence increasingly exponentially with each subsequent election.

Elections vital for country to move forward

2 March 2012 ALL things being equal, Zimbabwe will hold crucial presidential, parliamentary and council elections within the next 18 months, which will culminate in a democratically-elected legitimate government, thus doing away with the current dysfunctional GNU.

Time to confront Mugabe insecurities

2 March 2012 I READ excerpts of President Mugabe's interviews with ZTV's Tarzan Mandizvidza and The Sunday Mail's Nomsa Nkala with great interest.

Mugabe's comments unhelpful

24 February 2012 PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s refusal to groom a successor is provoking questions about the future of the country’s polarised political system.

Mines nationalisation debate far from over

17 February 2012 THE nationalisation of mines debate is far from over. It won't be when Julius Malema is turfed out of the African National Congress (ANC).

EU position understandable

17 February 2012 IF THE European Union finally decides to extend the asset freezes and visa bans on some people while removing one third of those affected, like is widely believed, the decision would be premised on the failure by Zimbabwe's coalition government to imple

Unmasking Chombo's sinister political agenda

17 February 2012 LOCAL Government Minister Ignatius Chombo can easily make it onto the list of Zimbabwe's richest citizens if we are to believe his estranged wife Marian.

When MPs cannot account for only $50 000

13 February 2012 ZIMBABWEAN legislators - Members of Parliament (MPs) must respect the constituencies that voted them into power by honouring election promises that include uplifting ordinary people's lives.

They must learn to go

13 February 2012 THERE is a disturbing tendency among Zimbabwean ministers. Once appointed, they think they know better than everybody.

Are we now a society scared of ideas?

13 February 2012 THE just ended Zanu PF conference confirmed beyond doubt that Mugabe has succeeded in imposing himself as the party candidate for the next elections, whenever they will be held.