We can all be donors

4 August 2014 WE have been socialised to think that the art of giving is churning out millions and that for you to help you need to be very wealthy.

Zim industry in dire straits

4 August 2014 ZIMBABWE's industries are in a dire state, yet they are key to the revival of the country's economy.

Govt must help A1 farmers

25 July 2014 ECONOMIC growth is stagnant, agricultural exports are declining, foreign investment is on the nosedive and dependence on aid is rising.

Hospitals without medicine are death traps

25 July 2014 STATE hospitals are struggling to provide medicine to the sick.

'Mzembi's World Cup bid dream far-fetched'

21 July 2014 WITH all due respect to the industrious Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister Walter Mzembi, his ambitious 2034 Fifa Soccer World Cup bid is a far-fetched dream.

Zim must move quickly to attract FDI

21 July 2014 IT HAS been clear for a long time that Zimbabwe has been suffering from a lack of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Has govt abandoned flood victims?

15 July 2014 WHEN flood waters breached the partially constructed dam walls of Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam which had been under construction for over a decade, 20 000 families were made homeless by the flood waters.

No sympathy for self-serving MPs

15 July 2014 IT IS difficult to generate any sympathy for the 27 legilators who got stranded in China last week.

Ideal time for privatisation

15 July 2014 REVELATIONS that have emerged out of parliamentary committee probes regarding operations of parastatals make it indispensable for government to introspect and rethink about the national value derived from these quasi-governmental institutions.

Women must be given the dignity they deserve

4 July 2014 FOR once this week, women parliamentarians were united in wanting action against the detention of mothers who fail to settle their maternity fees.

Harare's water woes getting worse

27 June 2014 LIKE everthing else in Zimbabwe, our problems are known, the solutions are known, but nothing ever gets to be done.

Politicians should address plight of Zimbabweans

23 June 2014 ZIMBABWEANS have been feeling the heat as the economy slowly grinds to a halt.

Let us reflect on the promise

23 June 2014 THE Day of the African Child which has been commemorated every year on June 16, honours the sacrifices made by thousands of South African youths who were protesting against apartheid rule.

We gave you five years to fix it

30 May 2014 TO borrow from Zanu PF's own phrase after the July 31 election; "the people have spoken", what did the people say?

Hikes put health facilites beyond reach of majority

30 May 2014 ZIMBABWEANS are going through a rough patch. Money is hard to come by.

Suffer not the little children

12 May 2014 SUNGURA maestro Alick Macheso's controversial treatment of his child's fontanelle (the soft spot) on the top of an infant's skull, known in Shona as nhova has touched off a storm among women's groups in Zimbabwe.

Musicians saw corruption way back

12 May 2014 WHEN US-based Chimurenga music guru Thomas Mapfumo released the hard-hitting song Corruption in 1988 which deplored corrupt practices by Zimbabweans across the divide, few didn't share his vision.

Don't blame others for your decision, Bev

28 April 2014 IT WAS bound to happen. Many saw it coming but did not want to say so.

Zimbabwe at 34

28 April 2014 IT IS a fact that from the year 2000 to the present day, Zimbabwe's electoral history is anything but rosy and exemplary.

Grim prospects for majority of Zimbabweans

22 April 2014 IT IS hard to believe that barely nine months after Zanu PF's resounding election victory, the country is back on its knees again.

GNU deal killed Zim opposition

24 February 2014 THE 2009 Global Political Agreement that gave birth to the Government of National Unity (GNU) undermined Zimbabwe's multiparty democracy.

Bottom line is there's no political tolerance

24 February 2014 TWO conflicting versions have emerged about what happened to MDC deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma at the party headquarters.

Up disaster preparedness

17 February 2014 ZIMBABWE has been receiving high rainfall over the past two weeks and the result has been floods even in areas that are normally prone to drought; Masvingo and Bulawayo.

Unless we deal with corruption, future is bleak

10 February 2014 WHAT has emerged in Zimbabwe over the past few weeks is frightening. Leaders in organisations have been behaving as if they are the only ones who matter.

Govt to blame for obscene salaries

10 February 2014 SCANDALS involving officials awarding themselves obscene salaries at a time when some of their employees are earning well below poverty datum line salaries are an indictment on government.

Religion turning out to be opium of the poor

20 January 2014 INCREASINGLY in Africa, and Zimbabwe, people are turning to religion to end their poverty.

Gloomy festive season ahead

23 November 2013 IN just four weeks' time Zimbabweans will join the rest of the world in celebrating Christmas and then later New Years' holidays.

Demolitions: Punishment for not voting Zanu PF?

18 November 2013 There is something wrong with Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo's timing of the so-called National Programme to demolish all illegal settlements in Zimbabwe

Political parties not transparent

8 November 2013 ZIMBABWE's political parties' method of selection of candidates and election of its leaders is not transparent, and in fact has all the hallmarks of autocratic machinations that are rooted in the very antithesis of a democracy.

Music promoters should plan with kids in mind

25 October 2013 THE just-ended memorial concert for the late sungura musician Tongai 'Dhewa' Moyo exhibited the fondness that Zimbabweans still have for the musician, two years after he passed on.

Time to uproot corruption within the police

18 October 2013 RECENT media reports of corrupt practices within the police force have been the talk in buses, athomes and work places.

Cyanide poisoning of elephants cruel, senseless

27 September 2013 IT CAN easily be called the "massacre of the elephants." A tragedy has slowly emerged in Hwange National Park which has seen the figure of elephants killed by cyanide poisoning rise to 81 - a mammoth figure when one considers that the pachyderms are an endangered species.

Zimbabwe needs friends from the East and West

20 September 2013 ZIMBABWE cannot go it alone. It needs friends from both the East and the West.

Opposition has to live to fight another day

6 September 2013 THE summary of a final report of the Sadc Elections Observer Mission (Seom) presented this week by Bernard Membe a Tanzanian government minister who

Tourism could be a boon for Zim going forward

31 August 2013 WHILE political leaders celebrated the joint hosting of the UNWTO conference in the resort town of Victoria Falls and Livingstone, the town on the opposite bank of the Zambezi River, the secretary-general of the organisation Taleb Rifai

Zimbabweans want to continue with progress

23 August 2013 THE Constitutional Court ruled this week Zanu PF's Robert Mugabe was elected fairly in the July 31 harmonised poll that saw him garner a 61.09 percent vote against Morgan Tsvangirai's 33.94 percent.

Wutaunashe utterances won't fly

26 July 2013 THE Shovel is devastated by news of the death of songbird Chiwoniso Maraire.

Apostolic garb woos votes

25 July 2013 TALK of bread and life. A Chitungwiza woman lost her life in a stampede for bread at President Robert Mugabe's Chitungwiza rally. That's right, she got killed for bread!!

Zec must avoid making false claims

12 July 2013 WE get very surprised when the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission says it is "ready to roll".

Comrade should quit, relax

9 July 2013 COMMANDER of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces general Constantine Chiwenga was smart in getting an urgent court interdict to gag the Press from publishing his divorce proceedings.

Will they heed call for HIV treatment?

9 July 2013 ZIMBABWE seems to have made strides in lowering substantially its HIV infection and prevalence rate.

Politicians should be reasonable

17 June 2013 ZIMBABWE's elections are always mired in controversy. Long before the actual polls take place, the sideline shows about what securocrats are saying and how Tobaiwa Mudede, Registrar General is conducting voters' registration take centre stage.

Poor Conway Tutani

3 May 2013 AFTER following the Conway Tutani and Daily News saga, one wonders whether the "seasoned proof reader" has suffered a temporary bout of amnesia or simply lost his marbles?

Zim must look beyond electricity

10 August 2012 ZIMBABWEÂ’S energy needs have always been premised on electricity.

Liquidity crunch squeezes Zim

10 August 2012 MISHECK Chigudu (not real name) had always dreamt of owning a car.

Voters' roll critical for credible polls

3 August 2012 THE voters' roll is a critical document if credible elections are to be held in Zimbabwe.

On whose side will army be?

3 August 2012 IT IS deeply saddening that every time we approach elections, Zimbabweans are always intimidated by the fact that if Zanu PF were to lose elections, the military would take over the country.

Zim economy remains coinless

18 May 2012 ZIMBABWEANS are stuck to getting sweets and pieces of credit notes for change.

Open letter to Elizabeth Macheka

30 April 2012 DEAR Elizabeth Macheka, I'm so glad to write to you not just because I felt duty bound to congratulate you, but because it means a lot to be the Prime Minister's wife.

PM has himself to blame

30 April 2012 WHILE Morgan Tsvangirai lost his wife Susan in a car accident in 2009, there was an outpouring of grief.