Parents, where are you?

3 July 2015 THE widespread availability of cheap and affordable information and communication technology gadgets has brought untold damage on the youths.

Where is the gender minister?

26 June 2015 IN A show of legendary double standards, President Robert Mugabe went to length praising women at the recent African Union (AU) summit in South Africa, yet in Zimbabwe he has failed to accord women the same importance he was bragging on about.

Give vendors viable alternatives

26 June 2015 TODAY, government will move in to remove vendors from the streets of our towns and cities amid resistance from the thousands who eke out a living selling different wares.

Has Zim become a nation in defiance?

19 June 2015 THEY say a fish rots from the head. This notion rings especially true in the case of Zimbabwe where people from different walks of life are either refusing to step down when their time is up or when they have messed up.

Why polls Mr Mugabe?

12 June 2015 JUST this week Zanu PF led by President Robert Mugabe romped to victory in by-elections held in 16 constituencies. It is nice to rule and the ruling party should feel good about winning.

Will Zanu PF ever deliver the 2,2 million jobs?

5 June 2015 THE truth is finally dawning on Zanu PF hawks that the promised 2,2 million jobs under the discredited Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset) document will not come to fruition hence the recent move to forcibly remove vendors from the streets.

Regulate prostitution

29 May 2015 WHILE a recent Constitutional Court ruling is going to put to rest the arbitrary arrest of women on suspicion of prostitution, certain measures should be put in place to regulate the old profession.

Parliament must not restrict language use

22 May 2015 THIS week's disruption of Parliament as MPs struggled to debate in English after they were forced to discard indigenous languages owing to a technical fault on the translating machines makes sad reading.

'Confusion over city vendors'

15 May 2015 I read with interest the State media columnist Bishop Lazarus' recent instalment in which he admits to the chaos brought about by the proliferation of vending in the Central Business District (CBD) of Harare.

Miss Zim can do more for winners

1 May 2015 When Marry Chiwenga, the Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson, announced that this year's edition of the Miss World Zimbabwe was going to be "world class" Zimbabweans counted and waited.

Xenophobia defeats spirit of ubuntu

17 April 2015 THE continued attacks on foreigners in South Africa (SA) are an affront on President Jacob Zuma's government.

What next Mujuru?

10 April 2015 Revelations that deposed former Vice President Joice Mujuru is mulling forming a political party have come as a bombshell to many.

Drive to arrive safe this holiday

3 April 2015 Year in year out, every Easter holiday, many lives which might have helped build a better Zimbabwe are lost due to road accidents.

Gumbura: A victim of fame?

27 March 2015 FAME seems to be following Independent End Time Message founder Robert Martin Gumbura as he keeps on making headlines, a year after his incarceration.

Govt must fulfil commitments

27 March 2015 DESPITE Zimbabwe appending its signatures to countless local and international commitment laws on health, enjoyment of health rights remains elusive for the majority of Zimbabweans.

Govt must be serious on averting hunger

20 March 2015 THE Zanu PF-led government must expeditiously secure maize if it entertains any hopes of averting nationwide hunger.

A challenge that begs solution

13 March 2015 As the community and local chiefs see hope for their future dissipate due to government's indifference it is instructive for authorities to note that villagers liken the State-sanctioned acquisition by a lone bureaucrat as tantamount to their inevitable death.

Zimdancehall awards could re-generate hope

6 March 2015 THE Zimdancehall Awards on tonight in the Harare Showgrounds are a perfect opportunity for the music genre's artistes to prove that they now deserve to be taken seriously. Since the beginning of the year, Zimdancehall has sadly been blighted by widespread indiscipline and unprofessionalism.

Banks demise dampens confidence

27 February 2015 THE continued demise of indigenous banks in Zimbabwe is affecting depositors' confidence in the fragile financial services sector.

How fair is $5 to a pensioner

13 February 2015 AFTER many years of battling to find answers on government's position regarding Zimbabwe dollar balances held by banks, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) on Wednesday finally solved the riddle so it appears.

Manzou Farm: Money or humanity?

30 January 2015 Money is more important than human life, at least as far as the government of Zimbabwe is concerned.

VP Mnangagwa not his own man

23 January 2015 ACTING President Emmerson Mnangagwa's sensational revelations that he got his VP position because he did not question President Robert Mugabe's authority have brought his leadership qualities in the spotlight.

Cut on fuel import duty welcome

16 January 2015 GOVERNMENT'S decision this week to cut import duty on fuel is a welcome development that is expected to trigger a reduction in prices of other goods and services

Rains expose city engineers

9 January 2015 THE recent collapse of houses in urban areas because of the heavy rains has exposed the city fathers who all along had turned a blind eye as desperate families illegally built their structures mostly on wetlands.

Potholes: Where are the authorities?

9 January 2015 GRUDGINGLY, I pay taxes, toll gates and whatever the government throws my way and in return I expect top notch service delivery not potholes, oops cesspits on the roads.

Where are the people in all this drama?

30 December 2014 FOR months, First Lady Grace Mugabe led a spirited campaign to have Joice Mujuru fired from her post.

The agony of parents with average pupils

13 December 2014 IN December when the Grade Seven examination results are announced, parents make the great trek, criss-crossing Zimbabwe to look for Form One vacancies for their children.

World does not wait for slow movers

3 December 2014 IN ZIMBABWEAN politics, nobody ever takes the blame for what goes wrong. Fingers are always pointed at other people or external enemies.

Zanu PF won't be the same again

3 December 2014 ZANU PF's factional fights have exposed the revolutionary party, such that even if it remains united, it will never be the same again.

Gender-based violence on the rise

21 November 2014 THOUGH statistics of people who die at the hands of their lovers in Zimbabwe are not readily available, recent figures released by the police point to a rise in domestic and gender-based violence.

Dancehall music is about peace, love

14 November 2014 I am one of the founders of the dancehall genre in Zimbabwe and have always been encouraging the youths to take the business seriously.

Politicians abusing unemployed youths

7 November 2014 POLITICIANS are taking advantage of unemployed youths whom they bribe with beer to attack their opponents.

No light at the end of the tunnel

3 November 2014 LIFE is hard for the majority of Zimbabweans. Whatever they try to do, collapses on them. It is because there is not enough money to go around.

Time for opposition to strike

3 November 2014 THE past few weeks have seen the First Lady Grace Mugabe attacking some of "her own" left right and centre.

Grace noisemaker, newsmaker?

17 October 2014 HER duty before she found new favour and calling in Zanu PF had been to take care of her 90-year-old husband, four kids, a grandchild, manage farms, school and orphanage and make more money.

They drive a hard bargain on vehicles

17 October 2014 ZIMBABWEANS love their cars, precisely because they are status symbols. The bigger your car, the higher the status people are supposed to ascribe to you.

Beekeeping the way to go

10 October 2014 ZIMBABWE'S decision to host the ApiExpo Africa 2014 has opened opportunities for farmers in the country to take beekeeping seriously.

This idea is dead in the water.

6 October 2014 AFTER years of water shortages, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has suddenly woken up to the fact that boreholes are depleting the city's underground water.

Why do we always fail to plan for inputs?

1 October 2014 IT happens every year. Government knows when the rainy season starts. Yet, since 2000, it has failed to provide inputs to million peasant farmers on time. It cannot seem to let go the obligation either.

Zimbabweans need hope

1 October 2014 FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa recently presented a depressing mid-term policy punctuated by a host of increased tax measures at a time when the country is badly in need of hope for the future.

Govt should attend to education sector

17 September 2014 GOVERNMENT has to urgently address the plight of the country's education infrastructure so as to meet the demands of a hungry nation.

No bread to spread butter

17 September 2014 THIS year's wheat harvest forecast stands at a paltry 10 000 tonnes.

When friends turn you down

5 September 2014 FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa says Mugabe's trip to China did not yield any monetary results.

Zanu PF must quickly solve the economic impasse

5 September 2014 THIS week, I was impressed by the swiftness taken by President Robert Mugabe to quickly deal with rising political heat in the liberation war movement.

Prevention is better than cure

1 September 2014 ZIMBABWEANS have been fretting about Ebola ever since the worst outbreak in West Africa weeks ago.

Chinese support for Zim welcome

1 September 2014 THE decision this week by China to participate in Zimbabwe's construction of economic and industrial zones and the encouragement of more Chinese companies to invest in the country is a welcome development.

Zim opposition has nowhere to run

27 August 2014 American author, John Quinton once wrote that politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnels.

Let's support farmers at Harare Agriculture Show

27 August 2014 The 104th edition of the Harare Agriculture Show kicked off in the capital this week with expectations that it will provide a platform for stakeholders in the agricultural sector and related industries to do business and network.

Good price incentives for farmers

27 August 2014 When the Zanu PF government embarked on the controversial farms grab in the year 2000, the justification was that the land was needed by landless blacks

Urinating in fridges - is this the debate?

4 August 2014 TRIVIA Debates that are currently being witnessed and heard in Parliament have turned the August house into some boring club house gathering.