Let's hang our heads in shame

3 November 2017 SOMETIMES we wonder whether as a country we are collectively cursed, from the trivial to the national, everything for Zimbabwe seems to go wrong.

Spare a thought for the poor girl

27 October 2017 When prices of basic commodities shoot up, rarely do people think about the downtrodden girl-child who, as nature demands, must have sanitary wear on a monthly basis but because of the prevailing economic hardships go without, drop out of school and at times is forced into early marriage.

People should register to vote

13 October 2017 BY NOW, it is stale news that President Robert Mugabe recycled his Cabinet and appointed, rather curiously, the dubious Ignatius Chombo to the vital Finance ministry.

It's politics stupid!

2 October 2017 TIME has a way of revealing all things and the past few days have been a revelation on the bond notes that were introduced last year by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to substitute the scarce United States dollar.

Zanu PF needs to be stopped

31 July 2017 ON TUESDAY, Zanu PF legislators passed the Constitution Amendment Bill (No.1) into law and - in less than four hours - undid the efforts made by the majority in 2013 in coming up with a so-called people-driven Constitution.

Draw lessons from by-elections

21 July 2017 THE main opposition parties might be boycotting by-elections caused largely by natural attrition but they should not let the crucial lessons from the polls escape their planning for the critical 2018 elections.

We no longer need new parties

3 July 2017 WITH over 40 political parties currently in the country, can Zimbabwe, small as it is, still accommodate any more political parties ahead of the 2018 elections?

Who is a real hero?

23 June 2017 ZANU PF's decision not to grant the late Dickson Chingaira, aka Cde Chinx national, hero status yet again brings alive the debate on who truly deserves to be accorded the highest honour in the country after death.

Govt gets it right

5 June 2017 GOOD news is rare in Zimbabwe. The little that comes once in a while is worth celebrating.GOOD news is rare in Zimbabwe. The little that comes once in a while is worth celebrating.

Are we prepared for Ebola outbreak?

28 May 2017 HISTORY has shown us that as a country we are often caught flatfooted when disasters strike and there is therefore need for Zimbabweans to be worried and be on high alert after the virulent Ebola disease was detected in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Club owners must not obstruct coaches

12 May 2017 THE Zimbabwe Football Association must ensure their affiliate - the Premier Soccer League (PSL) - does not allow club owners, as well as administrators, to interfere in the coaching affairs of the football clubs they run.

Let's celebrate our heroes while they live

5 May 2017 THE late national hero, Edgar Tekere once famously said he did not want anyone, let alone those from Zanu PF, "to speechify over his dead body", and we couldn't agree more.

Mugabe must sort out country's mess

28 April 2017 ZANU PF never ceases to amaze people. When the economy tumbles, it remains stone silent.

Govt's move a show of desperation

25 April 2017 WHILE the country thought it had seen and heard it all, government recently pulled another shocker, announcing that schools could accept goats as a form payment for tuition fees.

This nonsense must come to an end

26 March 2017 THE circus in Zanu PF never ends, and in as much it never cease to amaze, because of the depth of its insanity, it never improves the life of ordinary Zimbabweans who are wallowing in abject poverty.

Mugabe should take a rest, he deserves it

24 February 2017 WE, JUST like most patriotic and worried Zimbabweans, watched President Robert Mugabe's annual birthday eve birthday interview and to say that we were shocked by our leader's poise, voice and apparent struggle with words is an understatement because it was actually heartbreaking.

Zec should engage stakeholders

6 February 2017 WHILE we welcome the announcement by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Justice Rita Makarau that it completed its road map to the 2018 elections, the elections body has to share this with stakeholders.

Zim must work on potholes

20 January 2017 OUR roads are now death traps because of potholes and overgrown roadside grass that makes it nigh impossible to navigate for any driver.

Mugabe's priorities must be righted

7 January 2017 IT IS not a secret anymore that Zimbabwe is slowly becoming a failed State, as poverty hits the defenceless and vulnerable members of the public hard, while President Robert Mugabe is wining and dining on taxpayers' money.

Let's prepare adequately for agric season

15 November 2016 WE WOULD like to call upon all Zimbabweans both in rural and urban areas to prepare adequately for the current agricultural season for, in this sea of poverty, farming might prove to be our only salvation.

Zim must spruce up its rights record

4 November 2016 IT IS high time Zimbabwe adheres to internationally-accepted human rights standards if its attendance at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland is to be meaningful.

Wedding fiasco an indictment on society

1 October 2016 REPORTS of a man whose wedding was scuttled by his wife at the Harare Magistrates' Courts is of great concern and is an embarrassment not only to the husband but also men in general.

Zim needs new key economic reforms

23 September 2016 AS ZIMBABWE hurtles towards a post-Robert Mugabe era, the country should urgently implement key economic reforms to regain its once-prized position as a thriving economy within sub-Sahara Africa.

Defining moments for Zimbabwe

16 September 2016 IT IS without doubt that Zimbabwe is entering uncharted waters, as the winds of change are slowly blowing in a country that has only known one leader since independence from the British colonisers in 1980.

Thank you, Mighty Warriors

17 August 2016 OUR Mighty Warriors lost all their games in the Rio Olympics, well, they were playing against teams way mightier than them, but in their loss they inscribed their place in history.

VP Mphoko, unfit for leadership role

22 July 2016 IF RECENT moves by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko in which he is accused of facilitating the release of two suspects from a Harare police station, are anything to go by, then the country is in big trouble.

Let us collectively fight for change

15 July 2016 ZIMBABWEANS from all walks of life have to work together to make sure that future stay-aways/shutdowns are successful as these can finally bring the desired change.

Police brutality not necessary

8 July 2016 WHILE the ongoing wave of protests is regrettable, they remain a Constitutionally-ascribed right for every Zimbabwean and the police must respond to these demonstrations with the minimum force necessary.

Govt must leave councils alone

10 June 2016 THE goings-on in the country's urban local authorities have continued to show a worrying trend.

Move on insurance cover commendable

20 May 2016 THE computerisation of third party insurance cover notes by the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) with effect from May 1, as reported in last week's edition of the WeekendPost - is worthy of praise for a variety of reasons.

Govt should sponsor Manyuchi

16 May 2016 THE recent victory by Zimbabwean boxer Charles Manyuchi has shown that the country's sports industry could achieve more if enough sponsorship is poured into the sector.

Govt must listen to the people

9 May 2016 PRIMARY and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora's move to continue with the national pledge despite an outcry from parents, including a pending court case, shows that people's voices are simply an echo in the wilderness.

Let's all watch our sugar intake

8 April 2016 AS THE world commemorates World Health Day, it is important for people to continue monitoring their sugar intake.

We must support our women

29 March 2016 RECENT media stories and reports on the abuse of women and girls testify to a horrifying reality they endure in their everyday lives as students, workers and housewives.

Time to weed out ghost workers

20 March 2016 THE fact that the Zanu PF-led government has for the past 34 years failed to deal with the issue of ghost workers makes sad reading.

Where is Dzamara?

13 March 2016 THE moral test for any government is how it treats its weakest members, including those found dissenting from its expectations. It is saddening to note that it is now a year since anti-President Robert Mugabe activist Itai Dzamara vanished from the face of the earth without a trace.

Govt must shun policy inconsistencies

1 March 2016 IT IS high time that Zimbabwe comes up with proper policies that woo investors into the country.

Stop politicising food hand-outs

15 February 2016 AS THE country braves for yet another drought, government should make sure that food is not distributed on partisan grounds.

Outlawing child marriages was long overdue

26 January 2016 WEDNESDAY'S Constitutional Court ruling that banned child marriages through the outlawing of the Customary Marriages Act was long overdue

Is this a people's budget?

27 November 2015 I HAVE been thinking about importing one of those pre-owned and cheap C Class Mercs from Japan for myself. It's in my budget.

Impose stiffer penalties on wildlife poachers

6 November 2015 RECENT reports of elephant poaching in the Hwange National Park and other wildlife conservation centres make very sad reading, especially when viewed against the background of the slaying of Cecil the lion.

Grace is offside

23 October 2015 RECENT revelations that the farming equipment that First Lady Grace Mugabe was "donating" to her post-congress Zanu PF supporters does not belong to her party as they were sourced by government makes sad reading.

Politicians turn to prophets, n'angas

9 October 2015 WHEN things go wrong, and when the going gets tough, Zimbabweans turn to the spiritual realm.

Renewable resources panacea to power crisis

4 October 2015 AFTER experiencing increased load shedding in the past few weeks due to annual maintenance at the country's two main power plants in Kariba and Hwange, it became clear that Zimbabwe's rural populace will have to endure longer before they have access to electricity.

Zimbabweans deserve better

25 September 2015 IN 2013 President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF were pushing hard for elections, they were tired of Morgan Tsvangirai as the Prime Minister and tired of the MDC as ruling partners, they went on to win the elections through fair or foul means and today govern unrestrained, or so it should seem.

Threats on private media worrying

18 September 2015 PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe's recent threats to the private media are worrisome and an annihilation of democracy. There is every reason for the private media to quake in their boots, considering the 91-year-old's history of muzzling the media.

It's game on

11 September 2015 FOR ages now, President Robert Mugabe's greatest asset as the undisputed leader of both Zanu PF and the country has seen a fractured opposition and the failure by these loose units to penetrate his rural strongholds.

President should attend Parly sessions

24 July 2015 THE Wednesday live television coverage of the Parliament debates is a welcome move as Zimbabweans from across the country are now able to watch proceedings as they happen.

Harare must be sensitive

17 July 2015 MOVES by the City of Harare to clean up the city are commendable as the current state of affairs is untenable. There are areas of the city that are almost impassable as a result of the high concentration of vendors and their wares

Of sex tapes, morality, marriage

10 July 2015 WHILE, the idea of sex tapes looked alien and immoral, to an extent of having serious repercussions in one's life, it has worked as a "stepping stone" for two Zimbabwean socialites.