Bulawayo bogus prophet fakes death

18 October 2013 A self-styled prophet on Sunday afternoon feigned death to save himself from the wrath of assailants after being caught red handed fondling a protesting woman's private parts in the middle of the bush along Plumtree road.

Chitungwiza prioritises internal debt

18 October 2013 FINANCIALLY - crippled Chitungwiza Municipality will this month prioritise paying workers' outstanding salaries ahead of a plethora of other debtors.

Parastatal turns workers into debt collectors

11 October 2013 STATE fixed telephone operator, TelOne has turned workers into debt collectors, as it tries to recover money owed by clients. The parastatal workers across the country have been moving door-to-door to companies and individuals to recover money since August.

Wife refuses divorce token

11 October 2013 A GLEN Norah man has asked for the intervention of the courts to end a marriage because his wife's parents are refusing to accept gupuro or damages.

Zimswitch Technology widens scope

11 October 2013 ZIMSWITCH Technology an electronic funds switch company has officially unveiled its products in Bulawayo as it seeks to widen its market through promoting a rejuvenated brand.

Widow hauls brothers to court

11 October 2013 A WIDOWED woman has dragged her brothers to court because they assault every man they suspect to be in a relationship with her.

Power outage problem to persist for couple of years

4 October 2013 ZIMBABWEANS, reeling from blackouts caused by an annual maintenance on generation equipment, are crying foul.

No reprieve for ratepayers

4 October 2013 THE FUTURE for Harare ratepayer's remains gloomy as mayor Bernard Manyenyeni says his council will not promise them much but low "hanging fruits".

'Service delivery is a human right'

4 October 2013 ZIMBABWEANS should stop using service delivery issues as bedroom talk but demand their right from responsible authorities, civil societies and political parties have said.

MDC supporters harassed in ?Gwanda South

4 October 2013 Losing mainstream MDC legislator and candidate for Gwanda South Ekem Moyo has accused Zanu PF activists of harassing MDC supporters for voting for presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai in the July 31 presidential elections.

Suicidal son-in-law dragged to court

4 October 2013 A MAN reportedly drenched himself in paraffin and attempted to commit suicide by setting himself ablaze at his mother-in law's house because his wife had told him he was mindless.

Chinotimba has Parly in stitches

27 September 2013 JOSEPH Chinotimba, Zanu PF MP for Buhera South, delivered his maiden speech on Tuesday, which left MPs in stitches. He made his speech in Shona, debating on President Robert Mugabe's speech delivered during the official opening of the 8th Parliamentary session.

UNAIDS reports a 52% reduction in new HIV infections

27 September 2013 As world leaders meet at the United Nations General Assembly to review progress towards the Millennium Development Goals - a new report from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/Aids (Unaids) shows dramatic acceleration towards reaching 2015 global targets on HIV.

MDC election agents acquitted

27 September 2013 A Harare Magistrate has set free two MDC members, Anna Bvute and Phillip Mabika, who were arrested and charged with destroying the country's roll of registered voters on the eve of the July 31 2013 disputed elections.

Marvo workers sent on forced leave

20 September 2013 A Bulawayo company, Marvo Stationery Manufacturers will stagger working hours for its 179 unpaid workers citing non-availability of raw materials.

Civil society fear crackdown

20 September 2013 CIVIL society is seeking engagement and protection from the State as it fears for the worst under a Zanu PF-led government.

Bank employees on fraud charges

20 September 2013 TWO employees from Bulawayo Agribank branch appeared in court on Monday on allegations of stealing $10 000 from the company.

Honeymoon over for Zanu PF

20 September 2013 PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party, still gloating from an emphatic poll win, should now deliver or sink as their honeymoon draws to an end as Parliament has officially opened.

Taxi associations in legal warfare

13 September 2013 Bulawayo Metered Taxi Association a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Metered Taxi Association (ZMTA) has taken its mother body to court after it was defrauded in a vehicle import deal.

Zec wanted dumped ballots handed to Zanu PF

13 September 2013 THE person who found ballot papers dumped in a dust bin at the (HICC) should have handed them over to Zanu PF not to the MDC, Tendai Pamire, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) deputy director of public relations said

Bogus debt collector swindles church

13 September 2013 A Bulawayo-based Pentecostal church, Victory Fellowship has dragged a bogus debt collector who swindled them of over $3 000 cash to court.

Fleximail labour dispute rages on

13 September 2013 FORMER Fleximail (Private) Ltd employees are languishing in poverty six years after the Labour Court ordered their reinstatement or payment of damages following an illegal dismissal in 2005.

Mugabe to continue takeover policy

13 September 2013 President Robert Mugabe swore in his new government Wednesday and confirmed that the new 26-member Cabinet, mainly composed of allies from his previous appointments, will not abandon his controversial policy of seizing the majority stake of foreign-owned firms.

Chitungwiza residents survive on selling water

6 September 2013 Enterprising residents in Chitungwiza are selling water for five rand per bucket to hard-pressed households, as water woes continue unabated in the dormitory town of one million.

Zimbabwe gets first woman priest in New Zealand

6 September 2013 NYASHA Gumbeze journeyed more than 12 000 km to be accepted in a role she says she was born to do. When the Lynfield Community Church minister was first ordained by the Anglican Church in New Zealand four years ago, she was breaking new ground as a female Zimbabwean minister.

Court orders dad to pay $200 for child support

6 September 2013 A HARARE woman who reportedly spent 14 months getting treatment for a mental illness at an apostolic shrine has sued her husband for child support.

Deaths dampen Zanu PF

26 August 2013 FRESH from his inauguration, President Robert Mugabe has been shattered by the death of three veteran freedom fighters in a week following the death yesterday of Zanu PF politburo member Kumbirai Kangai.

Mugabe's swan song

23 August 2013 IT MIGHT have been dressed as an historic inauguration for President Robert Mugabe,