Glen View murder suspect free at last

18 October 2013 ON March 28 2008 when Kisha Dewa turned a year old, her grandmother Kerena threw a party to shower her with presents and never realised that a few days later she would be gone. Kerena was arrested allegedly for killing a police inspector in Harare's Glen View suburb.

Municipal police blitz leaves disabled vendors injured

4 October 2013 ESTHER Tinago ekes out a living by selling vegetables in the city centre and is among many vendors who throng Harare's Central Business District every day.

Zimbabweans lament cost of repatriating the dead

26 July 2013 CYNTHIA Ndlovu, 30, a single mother employed as a cleaner at an up-market hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa, is too busy trying to save money for her family to worry about the possibility of dying far from her home in Bulawayo.

Rushed registration deters Zimbabweans from voting

12 July 2013 LIKE many other aspiring voters, Emilia Magirazi, 27, braved a chilly winter's morning as she waited patiently to register as a voter in the slow-moving queue at Kuwadzana 8 Primary School in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare.

Translating knowledge into skills

10 August 2012 WHEN Ryan Kutyauripo completed his studies with the University of Zimbabwe, poverty had already been conquered in his mind.

Made in the city centre

10 August 2012 HARARE - A makeshift pulpit, a crowd of about 50-100 people all clapping and chanting intermittent "Amen" as a "Pastor" preaches good news to a willing audience.

Granite mining health hazard for Mutoko

11 May 2012 GRANITE mining in Mutoko has been a source of conflict between the environmental health watchdogs, villagers and companies for a long time as mining has caused a lot of environmental, economic, social and cultural damage.

Farm workers continue to get starvation wages

5 May 2012 SHADRECK Nyathi is a 35-year-old farm worker at a big horticulture estate in the Marondera area. He has four children and takes home $25 at the end of every month.

Little to show for 32 years of self rule

20 April 2012 ZIMBABWE marked 32 years of independence on Wednesday with military displays, an elaborate fly-past by airforce jets, rallies and sports festivities around the country.

Old, sad and forgotten

14 April 2012 THEY have spent their whole life toiling for the motherland or their adopted homeland, risking life and limb in energy-sapping mines, railway lines, industry and construction sites.

Harare's wretched of earth

8 April 2012 THE economic decline of the past decade, coupled with the condemned clean-up operation code named Murambatsvina placed an unberable load on Zimbabwe's urban women.

Getting Zim moving again

30 March 2012 IN THE mid-1960s Supersonic exported car and portable radios to the United States from its factory in Bulawayo.

Police fail to tame traffic jungle

23 March 2012 HARARE - A grade one pupil rolls out of a moving commuter omnibus because the daring conductor had the door open whilst shouting at the top of his voice, touting for customers, the boy is crushed to death in Glen Norah.

Hitch-hikers dread 'sperm-hunters'

23 March 2012 SUSAN Dhliwayo was stunned when she pulled her car over recently to pick up a group of male hitchhikers and they refused to get in.

Manjome's passion for justice for all

16 March 2012 THIS week, our reporter Wonai Masvingise (WM) interviewed Deputy Minister of Women Affairs Gender and Community Development Jessie Majome (JM) to find out what it is that makes her tick.

'Dire poverty falls despite global slump'

9 March 2012 A WORLD BANK report shows a broad reduction in extreme poverty and indicates that the global recession, contrary to economists' expectations, did not increase poverty in the developing world.

Bias against women journalists persist

2 March 2012 JOURNALISM is a male-dominated field in Zimbabwe and women journalists feel that they are not given as much credit for their work as male journalists are.

The rise and rise of Joice Mujuru

24 February 2012 JOICE Mujuru (born April 15, 1955 as Runaida Mugari) is a Zimbabwean politician serving as Vice President of Zimbabwe. She has held this post since December 2004, and is also Vice President of Zanu-PF.

Chizarira: The most scenic wildlife park

24 February 2012 SITUATED in a remotely isolated region in northwestern Zimbabwe, Chizarira National Park is perhaps one of the largest (at 2 000 sq km) and the most scenic wildlife park in Zimbabwe.

Asylum seekers resort to border jumping

17 February 2012 AT THE Beitbridge Border Post between Zimbabwe and South Africa, asylum-seekers from all over the continent used to jostle with Zimbabwean migrants to gain entry into a country widely perceived as a place of freedom and safety.

Rape victim rebuilds shattered life

17 February 2012 ZIMBABWE has been plagued by decades of woes - persistent conflict, economic meltdown and toxic politics.

Inflationary pressures dog Zim economy

13 February 2012 TALKING of inflation in Zimbabwe brings back memories of turmoil in the minds of many who were confronted by a crippling situation never witnessed in world economic history for a country not at war.

Why some people never get depressed

13 February 2012 CONFRONTED with some of life's upsetting experiences - marriage breakdown, unemployment, bereavement, failure of any kind - many people become depressed. But others don't. Why is this?