Ebola: Show no love

17 October 2014 IMAGINE having to create distance between you and your loved one or family because you do not want to catch a disease that they might have.

Chi Town defies Court order

6 October 2014 HUNDREDS of Chitungwiza residents were left homeless this week as council razed down dozens of their illegally constructed houses in violation of an April 24, 2014 court interdict stopping the demolitions.

When accent is a dead give away

1 October 2014 SHONA is a tonal language. And the so-called Bantu languages are tonal. Emphasis on tones gives words different meanings.

Of miniskirts, rowdy whistlers

22 September 2014 TSUNGI, 16 is a modern girl who grew up in the affluent suburbs of Harare and her parents buy her whatever clothes she wants.

'Despise the players not the game'

17 September 2014 I'M usually amused by people as they argue over the Empowerment Act, better known by some as the indigenisation law.

Joy for expecting mothers

17 September 2014 SHURUGWI - Priscilla Mushawaya, an expecting mother walks 20km from Hange Village in Shurugwi to a nearby waiting shelter. It is not an easy walk, but the future of a new life beckons.

Holding bays push up kombi fares

5 September 2014 "ANE two jambi yake paseat ane jambi pakadoma vabereki tichifamba takadero. Maofficer pakadoma, hatitakure matatya! (Anyone with $2 may take, a dollar should seat behind the driver on the engine cover.

Of vice presidency, ex-Zapu cadres

5 September 2014 THE 1987 Unity Accord saw Zanu PF and PF Zapu merging to bring to an end years of a protracted civil war that left over 20 000 dead in Matabeleland and the Middlands.

The man with a bushman heart

1 September 2014 BULAWAYO-BASED philanthropist, Davy Ndlovu, 49, has for years worked to bring the plight of the San community to the fore.

Photographers feel the heat

1 September 2014 IT'S NEARLY 11:00am and the summer heat has become unbearable, but Temba Ndlovu does his city rounds on a bike as he looks for potential customers.

'I became a writer by accident'

27 August 2014 Assistant Editor Maxwell Sibanda (MS) caught up with one of Zimbabwe's celebrated women writers Virginia Phiri (VP) to find out more about her life and work.

Car sales suffer as individuals make own orders

27 August 2014 The glory days for Zimbabwean car dealers are slowly fading as most locals opt to ship in their own vehicles.

Disabled demand more

27 August 2014 Disability activists and those living with disability say while the new Constitution provides for the rights and privileges of people with physical or mental disabilities, more needs to be done by government and society to ensure that these people are economically empowered and socially accepted.

Zimbos catch up with new trends

4 August 2014 WHILE Zimbabwe has in the past been too slow to get the latest gadgets be they mobile phones, IPads and movies, things have turned high now as they seem to fast enjoy the finer things in life, keeping up with the rest of the world in terms of technology.

'What's the fuss about women's butts'

25 July 2014 THEREhere seems to be an obsession these days with women wanting huge bottoms, outstanding boobs and even very big hips.

Women excel in leadership

22 July 2014 WHILE a few women have left their mark on the Zimbabwean landscape, in the process altering the course of history, a name that quickly props up is that of ancestral and spiritual legend Mbuya Nehanda.

'Don't abuse leggings'

22 July 2014 LEGGINGS are comfortable and I am also a legging fanatic. However, could women find a better and more appropriate way of wearing them?

'Ministry of Youth shunning disabled'

15 July 2014 CHIPO Dube sat in her wheelchair narrating the ordeal of disabled youths in the country as she told delegates at a consultative workshop on the empowerment law that banks and the ministry of Youth discriminated against the disabled.

Neglected San community recognised at last

4 July 2014 JUST when the San community in remote rural Tsholotsho was about to give up calling for empowerment and recognition as Zimbabweans, their appeals have tweaked the conscience of civil society organisations.

After seeing the falls, what's next?

4 July 2014 "COME feel the thunder, in the one wonder" is the hook chorus of Ruvhuvhuto Sisters' song Come to Victoria Falls, a tune that would whet any tourist's appetite to experience the best has Zimbabwe to offer.

Buhera's perennial drought, diseases

4 July 2014 WHILE Buhera is just 210km from Harare and boasts of a number of political bigwigs and wealthy businessmen, there is nothing to show for its stature.

Fake hair weaves flood market

4 July 2014 HAVE you noticed how almost everyone is spotting "Remy Virgin hair" these days? I certainly have and this left me wondering if the liquidity crunch being experienced by Zimbabweans has spared the hair industry.

Machipisa tailors eke a living

23 June 2014 AS we arrive at Machipisa shopping centre, in Highfields, Harare for an interview, we are directed to a densely populated area comprising shops offering various services ranging from groceries to money exchanges.

Zim's multi-currency brews confusion

12 May 2014 WHEN then acting Reserve Bank governor Charity Dhliwayo in January added four more currencies to our local money tender, the introduction brought about confusion as people failed to comprehend the transactions.

Bulawayo's jobless trek to SA

12 May 2014 SHORTLY before the inclusive government came to power, the Zimbabwean economy had shrunk by 40 percent due to mismanagement by the government.

'Poverty is often hidden from view'

25 March 2014 MUTARE - When 18-year-old mathematics student Geoff Foster met this man "with a huge Bible" 43 years ago in Liverpool in a subway train who told him of the need for missionaries in developing countries, he just took it in stride.

Air pollution endangering communities

25 March 2014 IT IS midnight. Thick black smoke covers Highfield-High Glen industrial area, a popular area in Harare.

Why Chitungwiza has alphabet sections

5 March 2014 CHITUNGWIZA, Harare's dormitory, affectionately known as Chitown, is home to over one million residents.

Ex-workers die paupers

5 March 2014 HIS big hands calloused and threadbare shirt hanging on his lean frame, Simon Mazhindu's appearance speaks eloquently about the pain and suffering he has endured over the years.

Of land scams, building on wetlands

24 February 2014 "OUR sofas are now placed on top of stools until April after the rains, to avoid damage from water which floods the houses. Every year we used to buy new furniture,

Tale of hunger strikes

17 February 2014 PICTURE this, some workers at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) workers went on a hunger strike for three days in a move aimed at unlocking their unpaid salaries.

Mutoko villagers build houses for widows

17 February 2014 MUTOKO - For the past 20 years, Emeri Dziko of Musokuwaya Village in Mutoko has been living in a muddy hut without a door. The hut is her bedroom, kitchen, dining room and storeroom.

Behind Mbare street names

10 February 2014 EVERY street name has a history and story to tell, such is the case with Mbare.

Shebeens still rule in City of Kings

10 February 2014 BULAWAYO - The operation of countless sheebens in Bulawayo has killed the City of Kings' night life as revellers stay home.

Of popular lawyers and high profile cases

3 February 2014 ZIMBABWE has over the years witnessed lawyers who became popular because of the high profile cases they represented.

Is greatest sin prostitution or homosexuality?

20 January 2014 THIS past week saw a raging debate on several social networking platforms, with the bone of contention being what the greater evil was between prostitution and homosexuality.

Agony of discarded infants

20 January 2014 BULAWAYO - A miniscule voice is heard emerging from the green bushes of Sizinda suburb while people pass nonchalantly by mistaking it for a cat mewing but Sihle Madikazi quickly ascertains that it is a baby's voice.

HIV status disclosure still taboo

25 November 2013 A candid disclosure of a loved one's HIV/Aids status is often difficult and comes as a shock as people react differently to the news.

Hard times for youths

8 November 2013 THE young man's lips are burnt, his eyes are red and he smells like a dead man walking in an overcrowded grave yard. Welcome to the 'graveyard' of the unemployed youths in the sprawling suburb of Mbare where drug-dealing, smoking and drinking has become the order of each passing day.

Tale of an aspiring security guard

8 November 2013 OPEN places in Harare have been turned to drilling grounds for hopeful security guards who go through punishing drills as they seek to find a job.

Stray children invade pavements

8 November 2013 IN a busy Harare Street, Robert Mugabe, a visually impaired beggar straps her toddler's foot with a rope so that the child stays close as she stretches out a plate, begging passers-by to be compassionate towards her plight and drop whatever they have in the plate.

Physically challenged persons overwhelm CBD

8 November 2013 HARARE Central Business District is now home to an overwhelming number of physically challenged people who are trying to eke out a living through vending.

'Cursed' farm turned into orphanage

8 November 2013 AS you arrive at Mother of Peace orphanage in Mutoko you are greeted by beautiful housing structures that include boarding facilities, staff lodgings, administration blocks, a clinic and a school.

Phones now a symbol of status

8 November 2013 ZIMBABWEANS love their mobile phones and every day they are buying new gadgets as they move along with technological trends.

Where has the money suddenly gone?

1 November 2013 THE introduction of the multi-currency system in 2009 brought macro-economic improvements such as price stability, planning and forecasting certainty.

Mugabe thanks voters with seed, fertiliser

1 November 2013 THE brutal sun was relentless, scorching hundreds of villagers dressed in Zanu PF garb who patiently waited in the sweltering heat to grab free fertiliser and maize seed courtesy of the government.

God's spirit hovers over Mother of Peace

1 November 2013 THE great rock features of Mutemwa and Chigona mountains in Mtoko embrace God's power as His spirit hovers over two spiritual centres, a leprosy home and a children's orphanage. Mutemwa Leprosy community is a leper settlement.

Water crisis: Women at the receiving end

25 October 2013 NOMSA Chirumanzi from Chitungwiza wakes up on a daily basis around 4am to walk for almost a kilometre to fetch water from a nearby borehole. She is accompanied by her two sons on her search for the precious liquid.

N'angas, prophets find home at Mukuvisi River

18 October 2013 WATER is not only used to clean clothes and plates, but biblically it has been used to symbolically cleanse the human soul.

BaTonga smoking pipe myth

18 October 2013 IN the North-Western part of Zimbabwe in Matabeleland North Province's Binga District along the Zambezi River, lies the country's third largest tribe after the Shona and Ndebele -the BaTonga people.