The heartbreak of a caregiver

8 May 2015 Alouis Mushayapokuvaka of Unit J Chitungwiza is a scarred widower with two children.

She touches lives through education

1 May 2015 While Zimbabwe prides itself with over 90 percent of the 13 million people believed to be able to read and write, Juliana Kamau, 60, believes the country is still losing millions to untapped wisdom as there remains thousands of Zimbabweans who can barely put a proper X on a piece of paper.

'Harare bars filthy'

1 May 2015 TO relieve oneself at Players Night Spot situated right in the heart of the capital in a council premise is a real nightmare. A visit to the men's toilet by the Weekend Post crew revealed the walls were steeped in mold and dirt. Garbage is strewn on the floor.

'Traffic officers more of police tollgates'

17 April 2015 THE transport industry has for years been marked by an outwardly interminable combat between the minibus transport operators and the police.

Shoppers, businesses shun city

17 April 2015 MOST citizens in the leafy suburbs are now opting to use various shopping malls outside the city to avoid the bustle in Harare's Central Business District (CBD) as navigating through the city has become a hustle because of street vending.

'Chombo subverting independence gains'

17 April 2015 AT INDEPENDENCE, Zimbabwe inherited a well-functioning local authority system that provided water to every household and collected refuse on time.

'Women wield much power in relationships'

10 April 2015 WOMEN, no matter the age gap between them and their partners, wield so much power in the private sphere of their unions.

'Project exceeds expectations'

10 April 2015 A PILOT environmental and conservation competition run by a government agency in rural Ntabazinduna a few kilometres east of Bulawayo has transformed the sun-drenched arid landscape in the area beyond competitors and sponsors' expectation.

'Ngamo women toil'

3 April 2015 WITH a baby strapped on her back and a shovel in her hand, Berrita Nyoni has for the past 18 years borne the brunt of taking care of her three children through extracting sand from Ngamo River for sale to eke a living.

14 years battling kidney disease

3 April 2015 "OBVIOUSLY when you are young, you lead a very aggressive lifestyle, always doing gotchi-gotchi, drinking beer and eating too much meat never mind the implications in future," says Lysias Sibanda co-founder of Kingdom Bank...

Govt fails to pay 600 000 children living with disabilities

3 April 2015 GOVERNMENT is failing to provide social welfare care cover to over 600 000 children living with disabilities who should each receive $15 every month.

Women prefer men 10 years older

27 March 2015 About 20 percent of women aged between 15 and 19 years are married to men who are at least 10 years older than them, the latest Zimstat Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (Mics) has revealed.

Drugs intake among youths alarming

27 March 2015 ZIMBABWE may lose a whole generation of youths and young adults who believe drugs like mbanje and other drug-related substances make the human mind more efficient and reduce stress.

International stars deny Zimbabwe connection

27 March 2015 AS CELEBRITIES with Zimbabwean roots make it overseas - some media have gone to claim them as Zimbos with some of these stars completely distancing themselves from the country.

Mining offers glimmer of hope to desperate Zimbabweans

20 March 2015 ZIMBABWE'S economic downturn is forcing many desperate people, including women and children, to dig themselves out of poverty by venturing into mining.

A tale of Chisumbanje police brutality

20 March 2015 CHIPINGE South 51-year-old grandmother and widow, Memory Zvinongoza Dube, was working in her field when hordes of police officers arrived in truck loads and immediately started beating up people indiscriminately.

Zim among top condom users

20 March 2015 ZIMBABWE is among the leading countries in terms of condom consumption in the world.

Forests laid bare

13 March 2015 ZIMBABWE'S forests are facing extinction due to erratic power supplies in urban areas and increased tobacco farming which have created a huge demand for firewood.

Sad tale from informal settlement

6 March 2015 A DRIVE eastwards out of the second largest city of Bulawayo's metropolis and prowl the plush suburb of Killarney; then marvel at the contrasting poverty in a shanty settlement where about 117 families live.

Shameless mothers lure kids into vice

27 February 2015 LIFE is littered with stories of how promising people ended up throwing away their dreams after tasting city life.

Irony of justice

20 February 2015 WHILE some walk scot-free after committing murder and being convicted on a lesser charge of culpable homicide, a Zimunya man was locked away for nine years for killing a python.

Legal aid clinic for marginalised women

20 February 2015 AWAY from the drama normally associated with criminal courts, Zimbabwe's poor and marginalised women are finding a ray of hope in a rights and justice advocacy group.

San community: Living but forgotten

13 February 2015 THE Zimbabwean government has once again been found wanting as it has failed to provide farming inputs to the perennially starving San community in Tsholotsho, in Matabeleland North Province.

A tale of widows's factory

13 February 2015 AS a stay-at-home spouse who had been dependent on her working husband, the debilitating thought of shouldering the onerous burden of looking after three children on her own, sapped Nokusa Dube, on learning the news of his death.

'Agric future lies in contract farming'

30 January 2015 THE future of Zimbabwe's agriculture sector lies in contract farming as government is failing to pay farmers on time for their products.

Agony of the displaced

23 January 2015 KUMBIRAI Shumba, 49, a physically-challenged mother of four has to wheel to the bush every day to relieve herself as there are no toilets at her new homestead.

USAid supports Matabeleland households

23 January 2015 TO improve nutrition and support rural households in Matabeleland North and South, the United States Agency for International Development (USAid) is providing fortified supplementary food to pregnant and breast-feeding women and children under the age of two years.

Meet the prison 'Headmaster'

23 January 2015 ZIMBABWE Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS), boasts of a thriving educational system for inmates with Harare Central Prison having 297 inmates enrolled for classes ranging from Grade Zero to "A" Level.

'Byo's own miracle prophet'

16 January 2015 HOUSE of Prayer International Family (HOPIF) leader Prophet Mduduzi Dube has defied those who think he is fake by continuing to perform miracles.

Tale of flood victim's nightmare

16 January 2015 As we arrive at Hopley Farm in Harare, the debris of destroyed houses greets us as affected families wander aimlessly contemplating their loss.

Drug abuse on the rise in ghettos

16 January 2015 STROLLING around the pothole-ridden streets of Mufakose in Harare, one comes across heaps of smelly garbage here and there waiting to be removed by council workers whenever they have time, the will and capacity to do so.

'Gokwe man's battle with TB'

9 January 2015 IN his entire life, 32-year-old Elisha Tshuma, never imagined that his life would be dependent on a closer liaison with a health facility.

Health sector's future remains gloomy

9 January 2015 JUST as the political field was hot last year, the health sector too was action packed with mysteries, struggles, cockpit fights, ground-breaking developments and disappointing stories.

'Communities in distress'

9 January 2015 COMMUNITY Affairs Editor of the WeekendPost Margaret Chinowaita visited a number of communities last year where people there expressed their bitterness on several fronts.

Spare a thought for children with special needs

9 January 2015 BEFORE getting into journalism, I taught in a number of schools in the country including Ellis Robbins, Churchill boys high schools as well as Roosevelt Girls' High School.

'Social media impacts on employee productivity'

30 December 2014 THE memory of that day is still vivid in my mind as I walked into an office for an appointment.

Rudo: Brains behind Stimulus Women

30 December 2014 NM: How have you been advertising the initiative?

Payback time for Zanu PF activists

30 December 2014 NO CRIME goes unpunished. True to this adage, the long arm of the law has slowly been catching up with several Zanu PF party activists, who unleashed political violence on opposition party members.

Labour pains and the 'juju' myth

13 December 2014 MARTHA Chawatama (not real name), 27 is a professional woman who is up-to-scratch with the current trends.

'We are going to the village for Christmas'

10 December 2014 ZIMBABWEANS from all walks of life who are living in urban areas are planning to go to their rural villages during the festive holidays as has been the norm over the years.

Social media brews hate speech

10 December 2014 SOCIAL media is lauded for its ability to disseminate information and fuel debate.

'Christmas in the air'

10 December 2014 AS THE Christmas holiday fast approaches, a number of personalities interviewed by the WeekendPost revealed that they were geared up for the day.

Mixed reactions over MDC congress outcomes

21 November 2014 THE Movement for Democratic Change, MDC (led by Morgan Tsvangirai)'s congress has come and gone with the ouster of former organising secretary Nelson Chamisa being the biggest surprise outcome.

New dawn for mental health patients

14 November 2014 A GROUP of psychiatric nurses has teamed up to give hope and relief to mental health patients who are at the receiving end of tough treatment from the communities in which they live.

Mugabe in catch 22 situation

7 November 2014 PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is in a catch-22 situation following his wife's calls for Vice President Joice Mujuru to resign or risk being fired, as his party faces a make-or-break congress next month.

'Local radio stations can now receive foreign funding'

7 November 2014 LOCAL radio stations can now receive foreign funding subject to approval by the ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, an official has said.

Byo flea markets fall on hard times

3 November 2014 FLEA markets in the second largest city are feeling the pinch of an underperforming economy.

Betting takes ChiTown by storm

3 November 2014 IT'S A Saturday afternoon at Africa Bet Chitungwiza and the place is filled to capacity with people who want to bet on different sports.

Rich's properties attached over debt

17 October 2014 IT NEVER rains but pours for once-enterprising Zimbabwean businesspeople who are currently hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons due to their high rate of default on paying back loans.

Men still hesitant to be circumcised

17 October 2014 GOVERNMENT has bemoaned limited demand for voluntary medical male circumcision half a decade after its introduction.