ZNNP+ capacity building networks reap rewards

24 February 2017 BENEFICIARIES of a capacity building programme for people living with HIV and Aids have lauded the Zimbabwe Network for People living with HIV and Aids (ZNNP+) for empowering them through networks for people living with HIV/Aids in Mt Darwin.

Typhoid spreads to more suburbs

20 January 2017 THE typhoid bacterium has spread to other suburbs in the capital with four more cases being recorded this month in Budiriro and Glen View. The outbreak was first reported in Mbare.

HIV stigma: Grandparent suffers in silence

2 December 2016 Zimbabwe has, over the last three decades, been severely affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic resulting in the prevalence of stigma.

Tsholotsho stadium: Big project that never was

4 November 2016 IMMEDIATELY after Jonathan Moyo bounced back into Parliament after winning the Tsholotsho North seat, one of his major projects to kickstart his commitment to his constituency was to construct a $4,5 million stadium just a few yards from the business centre.

Mysterious plant choking crops

23 September 2016 COMMUNITIES here are battling to contain a mysterious plant that is choking other plants and crops as it multiplies so fast.

Life as an albino man's wife

8 July 2016 WHILE persons with albinism face serious turbulence in dating and courtship, Sibongile Nyamayaro says her love for her husband has always been colour blind.

Chaos in City of Kings

10 June 2016 THERE was chaos in the Central Business District (CBD) here this week when disgruntled vendors stoned the Bulawayo municipal police who were on a routine raid of illegal vendors in the city.

Mighty Warriors captain achieves unique feat

16 May 2016 SHE has not been at her best on the field but Mighty Warriors captain Felistas "Figo" Muzongondi has achieved a feat that no other local football captain has managed in the history of local sport.

Zim to amend Cooperative Societies Act

22 April 2016 ZIMBABWE has started conducting stakeholder meetings across the country aimed at gathering information necessary for amending the Cooperative Societies Act in line with the new Constitution and the changing socio-economic environment.

Nyanga farmers embrace canal irrigation

8 April 2016 Farmers in Nyanga have embraced voluntary savings and lendings (VSLs) or internal savings and lendings (ISALs) and resorted to canal irrigation as an avenue of mitigating drought induced by climate chang

Kufunda Village empowers women

1 April 2016 A group of young women who recently graduated from Young Women are Medicine Retreat, a one-month leadership programme designed to make the most of the gifts and strengths of women in Zimbabwe.

Anointed soap to bring back lost lovers?

20 March 2016 A Glen View preacher will roll out an "anointed" so-called Eva soap as an Easter's miracle which he said is capable of bringing back lost lovers and igniting lost sexual passion among couples that are growing distant.

Farmers embrace canal irrigation

16 March 2016 FARMERS at Nyakomba in Nyanga North and Nyarumvurwe in Nyanga South believe embracing the voluntary savings and lendings (VSLs) scheme and venturing into canal irrigation is an effective way to alleviate hunger.

The tale of a multi-skilled sangoma

13 March 2016 BVUNZAI Mukumbiri is not just an ordinary man, he is a traditional healer, family man, a health facilitator and a village head.

Mines pose challenges to communities

1 March 2016 ROUGHLY half of the world's vanadium, platinum, and diamonds originate from southern Africa along with 36 percent of gold and 20 percent of cobalt.

New condoms excite locals

12 December 2015 MEN and women in Zimbabwe welcomed the new condoms, which were introduced at the recently-held International Conference of HIV and STIs (Icasa), with much enthusiasm.

Women farmers lack support

8 December 2015 WHILE women remain critical for the growth of any nation through agricultural production they continue to face challenges that disincentives their participation.

Dressing does not cause rape

27 November 2015 THIS week has been full of a lot of dramatic things from Mr Ugly being too beautiful to qualify to the "anointed" condoms and the First Lady Grace Mugabe's remarks on provocative dressing leading to rape.

Why censor Owen Maseko?

6 November 2015 LAST Friday, art lovers woke up to yet another surprise after news filtered through social networks that controversial artist Owen Maseko had his works pulled down at the Bulawayo gallery.

Winning elections is not about coalitions

6 November 2015 WHILE some Zimbabweans have over the years, called for opposition political parties to gang up and contest Zanu PF as a single unit, the politicians leading these parties have failed to agree to work together and share power.

Paying expensive lawyers for unimportant crimes

17 October 2015 FREEDOM and dignity are crucial in people's lives as evidenced by their sacrifices to part away with their hard-earned cash by seeking lawyers' assistance when they are brought before the court facing criminal charges.

Bush toilet system: Health hazard

9 October 2015 For long, rural dwellers have been using the bush toilet system, oblivious of the health and environmental dangers that this way of life poses.

Africa celebrates amid civil conflict

9 October 2015 AFRICA recently joined the rest of the world in celebrating the International Peace Day (IPD), amid civil wars, lack of respect for civil rights and violent crimes, which conversely defies the real tenets of peace.

Unique house for people living with disability

9 October 2015 THE adage "Disability does not mean inability" now sounds like a tired cliché, but for 33-year-old Edmore Masendeke, it speaks volumes as he managed to design a house, especially for people living with disabilities.

No to pre-paid water meters

4 October 2015 PRE-PAID water meters have generated a lot of debate among various stakeholders, with Bulawayo residents seemingly opposed to their installation yet the Bulawayo City Council and government have remained adamant, insisting there is no going back on the project.

Ancient Tsholotsho rock art discovered

25 September 2015 AWAY from the perennial bug of poverty and impoverishment, the San community in Tsholotsho District, in Zimbabwe's Matabeleland North Province have finally crawled out of the cocoons and remarkably opted to trace their roots and define who they are.

Women fear condom-carrying image

24 July 2015 LAUREN, a 24-year-old lawyer, walks around with a pack of condoms in her purse. for those "just-in-case moments".

'Male involvement in PMTCT vital'

24 July 2015 EVERY beautiful morning, husband and wife, Samuel and Natalie take turns jogging around an open field near their home in Kuwadzana Extension, a high density suburb in Harare.

Epworth community moves at own pace

24 July 2015 JUST 12km outside the central business district of Harare lies a dormitory town which is administered by a local board.

'Selling drugs gives me bread'

17 July 2015 WITH a big lollipop occasionally being shoved in and out of his mouth in between conversations as a way of fending off hunger pangs associated with drug abuse, 26-year-old Takura Murove (not real name) is making a living from selling intoxicating cough mixtures and marijuana.

Menstrual cycle: Girls lose 528 academic days

17 July 2015 RHODA Furudzai, 14* has to bear the searing pain and torture which accompanies her menses so discreetly that the three men in her life barely know it is that time of the month again.

Agony at Beitbridge border

10 July 2015 THE place reeks of urine and long queues are the order of the day. Beggars are everywhere as if that is not enough, the ancient infrastructure gives the prohibiting feeling that it may just give in, with you under it.

A night in the life of street children

10 July 2015 OUT in the cold he struggles to sleep every night. He cannot; the freezing weather won't let him. It won't and it can't! Mother Nature and her caprices do not give way to any human suffering. That is the rule on earth.

Night clubs resort to heaters

3 July 2015 ENTERTAINMENT night spots are cashing in during this cold winter spell, thanks to the heaters and portable fireplaces that are keeping patrons warm while guzzling ice cold beers as they dance the night away.

Women devise tactics to get married

3 July 2015 As Zimbabwe's economic woes deepen, women have not been spared. A new breed of desperate single women have pinned, by hook and crook, their hopes on marriage as a way of securing a better feature.

Is Zim ready to legalise prostitution?

26 June 2015 THE recent Constitutional Court (Con-court) decision to outlaw the arbitrary arrest of women on allegations of soliciting for paid sex on the streets has seen a sudden surge of sex workers in Harare's Avenues area that are now lining up their services from as early as 7am.

Strip tease a hit in Harare bars

26 June 2015 WHAT seemed to be taboo five years ago is now being done in the open, with strip clubs flourishing all over Harare, particularly in high density suburbs.

Shop owners resort to street displays

26 June 2015 SERIOUS competition for customers has seen retailers displaying their wares on the streets like vendors.

HCC fails to assess toxic effluent

19 June 2015 HARARE's water quality has been a topical issue for years, with the local authority arguing that it is safe for consumption while others say the huge amounts of effluent being discharged into the water make purification a challenge.

Bus drivers: Trusted couriers

12 June 2015 Bus drivers are entrusted with carrying everything from children, important documents and money, to wrapped-up objects some whose contents they never know between cities and into every corner of the country.

Bottle stores take over shopping centres

12 June 2015 BEER drinking has become a culture for most Zimbabweans as witnessed by the number of bottle stores sprouting all over shopping centres outnumbering grocery shops.

Mugabe hates tough questions

12 June 2015 PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe does not like tough questions about his three decades-plus disastrous rule.

League for the Blind sues Zimstats, ministries

5 June 2015 The Zimbabwe National League of the Blind has filed a High court application challenging the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstats), Finance and Public Service and Social Welfare ministers to reverse their alleged discriminatory tendencies.

Mine youths bound in purpose

5 June 2015 Situated about 14km west of Chinhoyi is Alaska Youth Friendly Centre.

People living with HIV torn between faith healers, doctors

29 May 2015 RELIGION is the opium of the people, German economist Karl Marx said over 170 years ago. But to this day, his sentiments have become a lived reality in many spheres of life.

Does music taste define personality?

29 May 2015 THE cliché is "show me your friends and I will tell you who you are," but this time, it has been redefined to "tell me your music and I will tell you who you are".

'Council moots open-air worship ban'

22 May 2015 CITY of Harare will soon put a new by-law that prohibits worshiping in open spaces, save for only those with council permits.

'Vendors, kombi operators turn city alleys into toilets'

22 May 2015 A LACK of ablution facilities in Harare's Central Business District (CBD) has turned the Sunshine City into a health time bomb as most alleyways have been turned into toilets where the multitudes of vendors, people living on the streets, commuter omnibus drivers and conductors relieve themselves.

She helps humanity adhere to Christian values

15 May 2015 BORN 50 years ago, Gwendolene Kanokanga is a biological mother of two but foster mother of multitudes.

Nude pictures stir controversy

15 May 2015 THE circulation of nude pictures and sex videos over the last two years has taken an upward surge on social media.