A discordant note in jazz

3 August 2012 THE just ended 12th edition of the Winter Jazz Festival has created discord among jazz musicians.

Is Winky Dee losing it?

7 May 2012 HARARE is abuzz with murmurings that the "Ninja president", dancehall musician Winky D is fast losing it besides his earlier bang on the dancehall scene where he turned everyday talk into witty lyrics.

Musician 'not stunned' by ambassador's death

30 April 2012 LIKE Edwin Tsvangirai - the Zimbabwean Prime Minister's son it would seem there were many others who were "heartbroken" by  ambasador Pilar Fuertes Ferragut's death.

Sulu splashes on luxaries

30 April 2012 DENDERA prince Suluman Chimbetu is splashing on luxuries, including a BMW X5 from Britain, a sign that the youthful musician is "making it big" in the industry.

Gugu a rising star

20 April 2012 HARARE - Born June 27, 1991 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Languages Spoken: Ndebele, Xhosa, English.

Hifa switches hotels

20 April 2012 HARARE International Festival of Arts (Hifa) has dumped Harare's Crowne Plaza as its official hotel amid reports the hotel's bookings had become exorbitant.

Bob Marley's father revealed

20 April 2012 KINGSTONE - Tall, imperious and imposing, especially on horseback, Captain Norval Sinclair Marley roamed the plantations of Jamaica bedding many of the teenage daughters of the estate workers he was supposed to oversee.

Do artistes need education?

14 April 2012 SIMPLY put, art is creativity, but the question has always been how much education is needed to enhance one’s talent.

Zimbo pulls out of Mr Gay World

13 April 2012 ONE came from the Philippines with mechanical wings, another from Mexico in a rhinestoned Mayan headdress, and one from Finland simply wrapped in a sauna towel.

Mutodi: Big on swag, flop in music

6 April 2012 IN everything he does, he 'plays' it big.

Riding bull in style

30 March 2012 A VISIT to internationally - renowned sculptor Dominic Benhura's Greendale Studios brings excitement.

Party at Andy Brown funeral

21 March 2012 BORED and looking for a party? Then your place could be 8 Gibings Road, in Harare's Cranborne suburb.

The royal Zim link

16 March 2012 LOVE is in the air for the young British royals Prince William and Prince Harry.

Politics stills musicians' careers

16 March 2012 WORLD wide music is used to impart messages on pressing issues be it economic, social or political.

Street kids put up break dance show

16 March 2012 THE Embassy of Spain, in collaboration with the Italian NGO Cesvi, has been running a break-dance workshop with House of Smiles youths who live and work on the street.

Blessing redefines gospel music

9 March 2012 FIRST time National Arts and Merit Award (Nama) winning gospel musician Blessing Shumba has redefined the country's gospel music scene.

Dembo's widow speaks on piracy

9 March 2012 ZIMBABWE music legend Leonard Dembo's widow Eunice Munati-Dembo says she is stunned at how her two boys Tendai and Morgan take after their father.

Only 1 urban groover scooped Nama Award

2 March 2012 THE 11th edition of the National Arts Merit Awards (Namas) held recently saw only one urban grooves artist walk away with an award, raising concerns over the lack of recognition being given to urban grooves artists and their work.

Popular radio, TV presenter divorces

2 March 2012 ZIMBABWEAN Super Sport rugby TV presenter Tony Ndoro has ended his seven-year marriage to popular South African radio DJ Azania Mosaka-Ndoro.

Sulu hires curtain raisers

2 March 2012 AMID an intensifying sungura war, dendera prodigy Suluman "Sulu" Chimbetu has roped in rising musician Obvious Mutani to be a curtain raiser at all his concerts.

Zimbo makes waves in SA

24 February 2012 IF music were likened to wine which presumably gets better with age, then the overwhelming majority of pop hits currently rocking dance floors are the musical equivalent of grape juice, sweet but with a very limited shelf life - unless you're talking ab

Pole dancing grips Harare

24 February 2012 LAST week, I took time out to see what was hot in the city with my crew. So we went to a bunch of clubs that are featuring pole dancing.

Hip hop: Music or culture?

13 February 2012 MY INTRODUCTION to hop hop was via the rappers Gangsta's and New Jack Swing of the 1980's and 1990's in the US.

Two's company - Big Brother 2012

13 February 2012 SEASONED radio and TV presenter Bonang Matheba has complimented the organisers of Big Brother Africa for asking people to enter the show in pairs.

Mbira: An instrument of resistance

13 February 2012 EMANATING from the bowels of Zimbabwean soil, granite hillocks or echoing from foreboding caves, mbira music is a wholly indigenous and sacred genre from the Shona people.