Chinotimba makes people happy

BUHERA South legislator and happiness ambassador Joseph Chinotimba, pictured, who attended the World Government Summit on happiness in Dubai last month, says hard work and unity are fundamentals of real happiness in life.

He told this publication that Zimbabwe needs over 100 years to match lifestyle in Dubai.

“I learnt a lot in Dubai. I realised that unity is one of the fundamentals of happiness in life. For us to achieve real happiness in the country we must first deal with hating each other and disunity.

“In countries such as Dubai people are always happy because they have a common goal of developing their country first before everything. They have managed to build a strong and beautiful infrastructure which they are now enjoying and are proud of.

“As if that was not enough, they are all united in keeping their country clean, a development which also contributes to their daily happiness,” Chinotimba said.

As a result, Chinotimba says he will lead by example in championing certain traditional practices to bring sanity and happiness to the society.

On Thursday, he spent much of his time at registration offices in Harare’s Market Square area doing community service.
“I am a commissioner of oath hence I have decided to dedicate this day (Thursday) to assist the generality of Zimbabweans with certifying their documents.

“I have realised that the majority of people lost money through paying commissioners of oaths, a job which must be done for free. By so doing, it makes people happy,” he said.

Chinotimba was accompanied by fellow Happiness ambassador Rebecca “Mai Chisamba” Chisamba and minister of Labour and Social Welfare Petronella Kagonye.

The World Government Summit ran under the theme of “Global Dialogue for Happiness” and it was funded by the host country.
In January, Chinotimba was hailed by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga during the launch of his book Masasi aChinoz for always striving to lead the way.

“Let me hasten to say with our new curriculum that has done away with the grooming of a job seeker, but instead grooming a job creator, it is now the duty of both parents and teachers to monitor, assess and identify the talents within our children and nurture them as they grow stage by stage,” he said then.

Chiwenga praised Chinotimba for proudly showcasing his talent as a comedian, saying the Buhera South legislator is now reaping benefits from his talent.

“You have had from the minister of Labour and Social Welfare that...they are going to spend a week in Dubai, rubbing shoulders with other people like him (Honourable Chinotimba) our Ambassador of Happiness around the world and the Head of State of that country. It’s amazing. 

“Some of you have two or three degrees and have never seen the inside of an aeroplane, but our ambassador of happiness is flying to Dubai because of being happy and making people around him happy as well,” Chiwenga said then in a speech read on his behalf by minister of Lands Perrance Shiri.  

— Vasco Chaya

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