Mathias Mhere in maiden Aussie tour

GOSPEL musician Mathias Mhere will next Saturday perform for the first time in Sydney, Australia.

The youthful musician was invited by Sydney-based Tarisai Vushe who attracted international attention 10 years ago when she came fifth in the Australian Idols competition.

Vushe, who landed a role in the Disney Musical: The Lion King in 2014 where she covered three roles which included Shenzi and Rafiki, is launching her debut album Redemption.

Mhere is looking forward to making his maiden performance.

“I am really excited about the trip and I will make the most of it. I know I have several Zimbabwe-born fans based there. I am happy because I will connect live for the first time with these fans. This trip really means a lot to me,” the award-winning gospel artiste said.
According to Mhere, Vushe invited him on the recommendation of music star Jah Prayzah.

“Vushe, who is friends with Jah Prayzah invited me and I am very grateful to both Jah and Vushe for this honour. Many thanks to them and God I will have the chance to popularise my music in Australia,” said Mhere.

Since he launched his music career in Gweru in 2005, the Gutu-born Mhere has toured countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, United States of America and United Kingdom among others.

Mhere shot to fame with his second album Anoita Minana which was recorded at Lyton Studios. The song Favour found on the album won the hearts of gospel and secular music fans

“Anoita Minana really worked miracles for me and it unlocked all the doors of opportunity in my life, making me an instant celebrity. My life changed for the better.

“I haven’t looked back ever since. I am grateful to God because my career is moving from strength to strength,” he said.
Mhere’s other albums are Tinoda Nyasha (2008), Anoita Minana (2012), Nguva Yenyasha (2013) ,Glory to Glory (2015) and Old Testament (2017).


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