Health minister blasted over health post

CRITICS have savaged Health minister David Parirenyatwa for proudly officiating at the opening of a small health post in Nyanga at a time his government was splashing millions on vehicles.

Uproar erupted on the micro-blogging site Twitter after a picture of the health post was posted by the Health ministry.

The health post is expected to service about 4 000 people in the nearby villages.

While the ministry seemed to be celebrating this “milestone” twitter users had other thoughts with others saying the structure was a “bus stop” or “tuckshop” while some mistook the health facility for toilets to be used at the facility.

The twitter post which showed a single story structure with three doors attracted more interactions than any other post the ministry has posted.

“The landcruiser outside costs more than the building he went to open. Let’s do better,” Baye Siwela‏ @bayesiwela wrote in reply to the post.
Another user Thabisa Sibanda‏ @SibandaSibbs said: “One quick question. I have just seen the toilets for this health post. Now where on earth is the health post?”

Mlungisi Dube‏ @MlungisiMthembo said “@DrDParirenyatwa  chimboitai maserious imwi ka (be serious you )? Then you think (President Robert) Mugabe deserves ambassadorship with all this crap?”

Efforts to get a comment from Parirenyatwa on the significance of the health post were fruitless as his phone was unreachable and texts sent to his mobile phone were not responded.

A user by the name A luta continua‏ @BiggiePhats asked:  “Is this a joke? ... are you governing a country or a banana republic? You have lots of time to play!

Cde Never Maswerasei‏ @CdeNMaswerasei said: “Even a store room at @Dr D Parirenyatwa’s farm looks better than this nonsense. Forget leadership, we are being led by thieves.

“Calling this thing a health post when Zanu PF is drawing budgets of $8 million for a non-event of two days is an insult to Zimbabweans.”
Johannesmtetwa‏ @johannesmtetwa wrote:“Ndanyara kwazvo. This should stop, how much fuel did u use to open those two rooms, itaiwo nyadzi otherwise!

JaqenHodor‏ @azzure_4 : said “murume mukuru baba chaiwo a whole minister kufamba shuwa kuti ndauya kuzoita “official opening (a man of your stature, a whole minister travelling all that way to officially open that)” @Dr D Parirenyatwa hamuna kana nyadzi handiti?
Nhamodzenyika free‏ @unityfreedom wrote: “In some African countries they open and build $7 million hospitals, here in Zimbabwe we build a bus shelter click and call it progress WTH”

Talent Hwandih‏ @HwandihDr said: “I also want to invite Minister of small and medium enterprises to officially open my tuckshop.”
ArmyOfMe‏ @Wild_n_Uncaged wrote: “@DrDParirenyatwa diary entry. Dear diary, today I officially opened a tuckshop sized medical room 37 years after independence. I’m so proud.”

Opposition MDC also criticised the government for purchasing 226 Isuzu twin — cab motor vehicles for chiefs.
“At a time when the public health delivery system has virtually collapsed and when most of the country’s district hospitals do not even have an ambulance, one can easily conclude that the decision to buy these motor vehicles for the chiefs is nothing but a blatant vote — buying exercise by the desperate, crumbling and bankrupt Zanu PF regime,”

“It is a fact that the majority of the country’s provincial hospitals do not have X–ray machines, CT scanners and PET scanners.
“As such, the majority of Zimbabweans who rely on these public hospitals for their primary health care are subjected to immense and untold suffering each time that they are hospitalised.

“It would have made much better sense for the government to purchase these essential machines for our public hospitals rather than spending millions of United States dollars in importing brand new Isuzu motor vehicles to distribute to 226 chiefs.

“While our chiefs certainly deserve to have some decent means of transport, at the present moment in time, there are other more pressing national issues that should have been prioritised.”

—Bridget Mananavire


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