Mugabe mocked over WHO exit

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is the butt of jokes once again following the embarrassing stripping of an ambassadorial position the World Health Organisation (WHO) that had been bestowed on him by the organisation last week.

WHO rescinded the honour they had given to Mugabe after a sustained uproar from Zimbabweans and the international community who felt he didn’t deserve it considering his human rights record and the fact that he has destroyed the health sector in Zimbabwe.

This was Mugabe’s shortest reign in history, hence social media went on a roll, mocking him and making jokes out of the this eventual outcome.  

A surprising one was from a verified Facebook account apparently belonging to Botswana President Ian Khama who just wrote “W.H.O?” on his page.

Some creatives even created Knock Knock jokes after the occasion and one of the jokes went “knock knock, WHO’s there? Mugabe, Mugabe WHO, Mugabe reshuffled.”

Others celebrated with the Baha Men song “WHO let the dogs out”.

“Me: WHO has cancelled Mugabe’s appointment, Sister: I don’t know, you tell me,” is another example of the jokes that started circulating on social media.

“President of #Zimbabwe = 37 years, #Who Goodwill Ambassador = 37 hours, #GoodwillForWHO,’ also added to the list.
One of the arguments that people put out against Mugabe’s role was that the president did not even trust his own health system as he seeks medical attention in Singapore.

Cartoonists also took the cue and pencilled jokes on the nonagenarian leader and the health agency.
This is not the first time that Zimbabwe’s longest ruler has been mocked, social media went to town after Mugabe staggered to the podium at the United Nations General Assembly recently.

People then started to walk toddle like him.

Mugabe has time and again displayed mobility impairment as his advanced age and declining health becomes a target of jokes
On two occasions on the big stage in India in 2015, Mugabe had to be assisted by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as his aides after looking somewhat disoriented and nearly tumbling off the ramp at the mega summit.

In the same year at the Harare International Airport Mugabe tumbled on the red carpet that had been set up for him upon his return from an African Union summit in Ethiopia.

He became a major meme that went viral across the world.

Mugabe’s health and age have remained on the country’s political agenda with analysts blaming Zanu PF hardliners for pushing the nonagenarian to remain in power. Succession battles have also erupted as members plot on how to replace him.

Social media also went into overdrive after he opened an Internet café in Mutare during his visit there last week.

Social networks went abuzz as they ‘‘laughed’’ at how Mugabe’s legacy will be viewed as he celebrated the opening of an Internet café in an age where free Wi-Fi is available even in public transport.

This comes as his counterparts are opening motor industries, as investors shun the southern African country.
—Bridget Mananavire


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