'Motorists produce party cards at roadblocks'

MOTORISTS are producing political party cards at roadblocks and there seems to be lawlessness on the roads, Transport and Infrastructural Development minister Joram Gumbo said this week.

“Our police are having problems of people who are now using party cards to evade arrest at roadblocks.

“What is disturbing is that a good number of such motor vehicles have been involved in road traffic accidents after which the driver vanishes rendering any further accident reporting procedures and investigations difficult,” said Gumbo.

The minister said vehicles in all categories across the board must comply with requirements of the statues. Registration books must be produced on demand by relevant law enforcement agencies or designated authorities.

“No motor vehicle is supposed to be driven on public roads while displaying only the front or rear plate. Displaying of one or two of the foregoing is a punishable offence.”

Police launched operation ‘‘no to Unregistered vehicles’’ earlier this month with over 269 vehicles having been impounded since October 1, for moving on the country’s roads whilst the owners had not effected change of ownership as required in terms of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act.

Police assistant spokesperson Paul Nyathi said the law enforcement agency had noted the increased flagrant disregard of traffic laws by motorists and the commission of criminal acts such as thefts, robberies and sexual assaults amongst other acts by elements using these unregistered vehicles.

“The Police have also noted that there is a small clique of unruly motorists who are not stopping at law enforcement checkpoints, they pass through red robots, cut corners at road junctions and intersections and in the process cause chaos in Central Business District (CBD) by flouting road rules and regulations.

“This conduct must stop forthwith. Errant motorists should not cry foul if they are arrested. Police will make use of spikes to stop these dangerous motorists if this bad conduct continues,” Nyathi said.

He further added that the operation will continue for an indefinite period with non-compliant vehicles will be impounded until the necessary registration procedures are completed.

“Motorists are therefore being warned that all vehicles moving on the country’s roads with no registration plates should be registered without delay.”


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