'Teacher rapes wife's sister (11)'

A MHONDORO man reportedly raped his wife’s 11-year-old sister after she had refused to accept his love proposal before throwing away the girl’s torn clothes in a blair toilet.

Munyaradzi Madzore, 34, a teacher at Chikowore Primary School, Chief Chivero, Mhondoro appeared before Harare magistrate Hosea Mujaya charged with rape.

He is currently in custody pending finalisation of the trial.

Prosecutor Timothy Makoni alleged that sometime in 2014 on a date unknown to the State, Madzore and his wife left the minor at their residence while they went to Harare and an all-night church service, respectively.

The court heard that Madzore returned around 8pm that day and the juvenile requested to go and sleep over at a friend’s place since her sister had not returned.

However, this did not go down well with Madzore and he rushed to lock the door from inside to prevent the juvenile from going out.

Madzore told the girl that he no longer loved his wife and asked the juvenile to replace her.

The court heard that Madzore went on to ask for sex from the juvenile but she refused and began running around the house.
It was alleged that she tried to jump out through an open window but Madzore followed the girl holding an okapi knife.
He reportedly threatened to kill the child if she refused to comply with his instructions.

The complainant tried to grab the knife during a scuffle and sustained a cut on her left thigh and further reached for an iron bar that was on the stove and hit Madzore on the left eye.

The court heard that Madzore sustained a visible cut on the left eye but the complainant later complied to have sex out of fear.
It was alleged that Madzore tore the girl’s dress and underwear as he hurriedly intended to force himself on her.

That was after he had taken all the blankets from the bed saying the minor could spoil them with blood.

The minor woke up and put the torn clothes in a plastic intending to show her sister what had happened to her but was intercepted by Madzore who threw the clothes into a blair toilet.

On September 8 last year, Madzore’s wife found a love note that had been written to the complainant by her husband.
She showed the love note to her brother before the complainant was confronted about the issue.

The girl then narrated the ordeal, leading to Madzore’s arrest.
—Tarisai Machakaire


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