Govt adopts green tourism

The Government of Zimbabwe is adopting green tourism approaches within the tourism sector.
The initiative is in line with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)’s drive towards sustainable development.

In a drive to promote sustainable tourism practices in Zimbabwe, there will be a separate stand during this year’s Sanganai/ Hlanganani Tourism Expo under the banner of Sustainable Tourism Development, with aim to educate and bring awareness to the operators and the general public on the importance of sustainability.
Pursuant to the above, the Authority is introducing Green Tourism Awards at this year’s Sanganani/ Hlanganani World Tourism Expo.

To further education and awareness the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, will also be running some sustainable educational sessions and school quiz shows at the Sustainable Tourism Stand.

λ Green Tourism Awards
Green Tourism Awards are being introduced to recognise, incentivise, appreciate and celebrate those operators embracing the green tourism concepts in their businesses.

The awards are in two categories; the first one targets the exhibitors (Green Exhibitor) who incorporate green concepts on their stands and the second category targets operators (Green Operator) doing green projects on their day to day operations.

The Green Exhibitor assessment is based on the stand while the Green Operator assessment is based on day to day operations by operators with regards to green tourism practices.

λ Green Exhibitor Award
The Green Exhibitor Award shall be conferred to the top three winners who should garner the highest percentage marks.

The judging of Green Exhibitor Award is based and confined on stand and displays at the exhibition.
The awards criteria include a qualitative and quantitative assessment of stand and is open to all exhibitors.

λ Green Tourism Quiz Show
As part of education and awareness on Green/ Sustainable Tourism issues among the schools, we will be launching High School Quiz Show during Sanganai/ Hlanganani Tourism Expo.

Six schools shall participate at this inaugural quiz show.
The schools shall be divided in two; Group A and Group B.
Group A shall participate on Day One and Group B on Day Two.
The winners of Groups A and B will then meet on the third day.

λ Sustainable Tourism Exhibition
There will be various products and services from the sustainable tourism stakeholders on display at the stand as well as live exhibition.

These range from community products, waste management, climate change adaptation methods, renewable energy and so many.


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