I am not dating Mnangagwa: MP

MATABELELAND South legislator Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga said she is not dating Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, contrary to what some media sections have reported.

She said she was misunderstood in one of her public responses where she gave an example of herself and Mnangagwa dating.

“I looked for an extreme case, and I said let’s say I have a relationship with Mnangagwa, what business would that be for anyone, because you have already done things that are worse and it’s accepted. It was supposed to be a metaphor and I said it is an unlikely thing to happen, I just couldn’t believe it that people sat down and made that a story. I said something that was unlikely to happen, he is my uncle.

 “I don’t have a relationship with Mnangagwa, I don’t intend to have a relationship with the VP, and we have family relations,” Misihairabwi- Mushonga said.

She, however, could not reveal the name of the man she is dating.

“I was at a she votes campaign” meeting that I had been invited to give young women tips and motivate them on getting ready to go into office. And one of the things that Fadzayi Mahere (an aspiring legislator) raised was that she had a baptism of fire because there are many questions being raised because she is born of a father who is in Zanu PF.

“In response to that issue I said it is ridiculous for anybody to say you can’t be genuine because your father is Zanu PF, after all how many men in the opposition have been associated with Zanu PF people or married into Zanu PF families. I can give you a number of those men, who are in leadership positions.

“It’s unfortunate that people think it’s only (MDC president Morgan) Tsvangirai, it’s a whole lot of them. These ones make a choice, but when it becomes a woman you are saying she can’t be voted in because her father is Zanu PF,” she said in an interview with the paper.

“Then I said after all these whole sexual issues, in my opinion in Zimbabwe, we have already thrown out the issue of sex scandals as a basis of judging whether anybody is good for political office.

“If that was our standard none of these men would be in leadership at the moment, so I don’t care what has happened to you before or what is happening to you because we have already set a standard, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.”

She added that the issue of sex scandals is not a measure of one’s suitability for political office.
The MP, who is considering hanging her boots in politics, said women should not stay away from politics in fear that they might be linked to sex scandals.

Shedding light on misleading reports that she was promoting promiscuity, Misihairabwi- Mushonga told the Weekend Post that women get victimised a lot in relation to their sexual relations while men easily get away with it.—Bridget Mananavire


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