Brisk business for sex pill traders

DESPITE the country’s current cash crisis that has seen many businesses struggle to keep going, the sex pill business is flourishing as they now even sell cash on the black market, the WeekendPost can reveal.

With Zimbabweans — both male and female — resorting to buying sex pills on the black market to boost their sexual drive, traders said their business had become so lucrative that some of them are diversifying.

“People always come to buy even under the circumstances where cash is a problem. I think it’s because they can’t do without the pills, hence it has become a necessity that they take them to improve their sexual lives,” Takudzwa Mhondera, who operates in the Avenues area, said.

While the uptake of sex pills was previously more prevalent among men, Mhondera revealed that there was also a female sex herbal pill craze — which “boosts women’s sex drive, cleans and tightens the vagina”.

Mhondera said the pills are highly on demand on the streets of Harare as women are desperate to increase their sexual pleasure.
Another supplier in Harare’s Central Business District revealed shocking statistics claiming hundreds of women order these pills from him every week.

“That means my net income per week after deducting transport costs as well as food and other necessities, I get an average of $500 in cash per week which gives me room to diversify by selling that on the black market to people mainly in formal employment who cannot access money in the banks,” he added.

The sex pill traders claim that by tightening the vagina using herbal products, the vaginal canal will shrink and can result in heightened sexual pleasure.

Special packages are also offered to treat fibroids and bacterial vaginitis with another designed for womb cleaning.
However, obstetricians and gynaecologists have warned women using herbal womb detox products that they are risking health problems, including toxic shock syndrome.

They argue that a v***a, for example, is a self-cleaning oven making the insertion of herbs risky as it is likely to interfere with its natural balance, damaging the good bacteria, or lactobacilli and irritating the lining, increasing the risk of getting an infection.

Unrealistic perceptions about sexual performance and addiction to pornography, experts say, are among reasons pushing some men into use of sex-enhancement drugs.

They note with concern that the number of both young and elderly men abusing the drugs is rising fast as they seek to turn themselves into “lions in bed”.
—Mugove Tafirenyika



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