Zanu PF loves darkness - Chamisa

OPPOSITION MDC vice president Nelson Chamisa has described President Robert Mugabe’s administration as a “parasitic bacteria” that thrives on opaque operations to mask Zanu PF corruption.

Addressing party supporters at a feedback rally in his Kuwadzana East constituency, Chamisa put to the fore the negative consequences of a variety of inappropriate fiscal and social policies that Mugabe has implemented since independence saying the country has failed to realise its potential to become a strong, independent state.

Chamisa said owing to Mugabe’s failed policies Zimbabwe has gone from being the admiration and envy of its neighbours to near-complete collapse and abject poverty.

“Zanu PF loves darkness, they are corrupt and they can only be successful in what they do if it’s done under the cover of darkness, the party is like a bacteria so they would not want to be exposed,” Chamisa said.

He added that “If they come here saying vote for us so that we will give you this and that, just take whatever they bring and not give them your vote because it is all your money that they are stealing under the cover of darkness. It’s an evil regime and evil does not like light”.

Chamisa further described Zimbabwe as a country in economic turmoil induced by failed land reforms and inflation, combined with increased malnutrition, and evaporating access to education, plummeting health care standards.
He accused Mugabe of turning Zimbabwe into a predatory State where the elites have taken large amounts of money and “all investable surpluses for their own gain in a way that impedes economic transformation”.

Transparency International, in one of its recent reports has rated Zimbabwe as one of the most corrupted country in the world, a situation which has allowed state officials to secure enormous personal profits without repercussions.
A whopping $15 billion dollars in diamond revenue went missing last year and no one was arrested.

This was made worse when Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo was accused of embezzling more than $400 000 from Zimbabwe Development Fund Zimdef recently yet he remains a free man.

Government is still clueless about what happened to the Marange-Zimunya Community Share Ownership Trust funds despite Mugabe showing the communities a $10 million cheque which never materialised.
— Mugove Tafirenyika

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