We only promised 2,2m informal jobs: Zanu PF

SOCIAL media has gone crazy over Zanu PF legislator Psychology Maziwisa’s claim that his party has created over three million jobs in the past four years they have been in government, according to its election promises.

Maziwisa said the ruling party never promised that it was going to create formal jobs but piece jobs.

This drove people up the wall as they lashed out at Maziwisa and turning the whole thing into a joke about the kind of jobs Zanu PF is proud to have created.

This resulted in the creation of #JobsZanuPFcreated or #JobsZanuCreated  trend.

“But you see what people tend to forget and I want to say this on record and I hope this is the last time we are saying this as Zanu PF. We did not say we were going to create 2,2 million formal jobs. We said we were going to create 2,2 million jobs, and when you define what a job is it includes casual jobs,” Maziwisa said during a discussion in the capital.

“So for example you can use the word job in the sentence as follows; I gave him a job to wash my clothes. And that sentence is grammatically correct. We have created millions of jobs in the informal sector...In fact we have exceeded the 2,2 million jobs, we are now at the last count including the formal jobs at over three million jobs.” 

In response, Twitter user, Munyaradzi Dodo‏ who uses the handle @MunyaBloggo said: “You can’t take @Hon_Maziwisa seriously. Same MP who was filling up potholes with mud. MUD!! #JobsZanuPFCreated”.

“Zim government has probably created more jobs in Singapore than here JobsZanuPfCreated”

Joe Black‏ @joeblackzw said “WhatsApp installer #JobsZanuCreated......WhatsApp group administrator #JobsZanuCreated.... Rat poison vendor #JobsZanuCreated....”Voluntary work” #JobsZanuCreated”.
Kalabash Media‏ @KalabashMedia wrote: “Professional rally attendee #JobsZanuCreated”.

Kudzai M.Mubaiwa‏ @kumub said “Papa/Prophets Security Teams #JobsZanuCreated”.

This comes as there has been major resistance from unemployed graduates over the failure by Zanu PF to create proper jobs as it promised in 2013.

Zimbabwe is deep in the throes of a debilitating economic crisis which has led to horrendous company closures and the consequent loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

At the same time, economists have said that poverty levels in the country are skyrocketing, with average incomes now at their lowest levels in more than 60 years — with more than 76 percent of the country’s families now having to make do with pitiful incomes that are well below the poverty datum line.

This comes as Zimbabwe has now been officially ranked as the poorest country in Africa. According to the Africa 2016 Wealth Report, Zimbabwe has been ranked as the country with the poorest people on the continent, with average wealth of $200 per person.

Other users on Twitter also added their jibes to the #JobsZanuCreated Tendai Chetse‏ @CreateTC wrote: “When you promise #2millionjobs but you actually mean 2million hobbies. #JobsZanuCreated #ZanuJobs.”

admiral‏ @siradmiral said: #JobsZanuCreated Mobile Photography Studios...#JobsZanuCreated “Street preachers and jobless congregations  I am Zimbo‏ @lamZimbo said: “Attending rallies is a profession according to Zanu logic #JobsZanuPFCreated”
— Bridget Mananavire


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