It never rains for alleged rapist

AN EPWORTH man who panicked and attempted to flee from police custody after being accused of rape was cleared of the charges although he is now serving sentence for his foiled escape.

When Sam Makoni, 40, of Overspill, Epworth appeared before Harare regional magistrate Bianca Makwande he faced two counts of rape and another of escaping from unlawful custody.

He was acquitted of rape after the court noted that there was no sufficient evidence linking him to the offence.
However, Makwande ruled that it was not disputable that Makoni tried to flee from lawful custody intending to prejudice the justice delivery system.

Although acquitted of rape, Makoni was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment before four months were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

The remaining five months were suspended on condition he performs 175 hours of community service at Domboramwari Clinic.

The complainant was constable Fungai Muswera, 26, attached at Epworth Police Station’s charge office.
Prosecutor Ressie Nyamombe proved that on May 9 this year Makoni was taken to Victim Friendly Unit for finger prints and statement recording before being taken back to the charge office on his way to the detention cells.
However, before being taken into the cells Makoni and two other suspects who were yet to be detained requested to visit the toilet.

They were removed cuffs and accompanied by Muswera but managed to slip away unnoticed and headed for the gate.
The victims’ parents were sitting outside the fence and spotted Makoni walking scot-free before screaming for help.
Makoni took to his heels when he realised that he had been seen but was pursued by members of the public.

Another constable, Murewa heard the commotion and rushed to apprehend Makoni who had been caught by the mob before booking him back into detention.

Rape allegations against Makoni were that sometime in January this year he waylaid a 14-year-old girl from his neighbourhood into a bush and threatened her with an awful-looking doll before raping her.
Makoni was accused of raping the girl again on a different incident when she had been sent to fetch water from a well.
—Tarisai Machakaire


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