Zanu PF makes peace with Soul Jah Love

Crowd-puller Soul Jah Love may have had the last laugh after Zanu PF youth league political commissar Innocent Hamandishe conceded that the Zimdancehall chanter is king after all.

Hamandishe aroused anger among the legions of Soul Jah Love supporters after he dressed down the popular musician at last month’s Zanu PF rally in Mutare in front of thousands of party supporters who were gathered at Sakubva Stadium to hear President Robert Mugabe speak.

But after a hastily-arranged meeting with the Pamamonya Ipapo hit-maker after the Mutare rally Hamandishe has since changed the way he feels about him, or well, at least publicly.

“Tokumbirawo mutambo one kubva kuna Zvinhu, Soul Jah Love Chibaba (we kindly request one song from the great Soul Jah Love),” Hamandishe said during last week’s Zanu PF rally at Mucheke Stadium.

It was a major climb down from his indiscipline rant in Mutare which is now a catch phrase on the streets of Zimbabwe with comedians and ordinary folks alike conferring the expression to their day to day activities.

“Apoo hei hei, ndo-indiscipline iyoyo . . .  Soul Jah Love hachisi chinhu . . . mukadaro haaridzi pano,” Hamandishe said then.

“Makuda kutiudzira kuti Soul Jah Love zvine basa rei, cutter-yi zvamuri kuita kumberi uko . . .  iwe Soul Jah Love ita discipline dzokera ugare kumashure uko . . . chii chaunoda kuti itira ipapapo . . . wakufarisa,” he said.

However, Soul Jah Love’s manager Benjamin Nyandoro said the issue was now water under the bridge.
“We went to see him after the Mutare rally and spoke. We have since cleared the air if at all there was anything to clear, so what you witnessed last Friday might have just been an affirmation,” Nyandoro told the WeekendPost.

The Zimdancehall artiste said he had no reservations of performing at a political gathering so long as the price is right.

Prior to the event, a local music analyst had warned the musicians to be careful when dealing with politicians as they are good at abusing artistes.

“It’s commercial, it’s nothing political,” Nyandoro said.

“We should be able to separate Soul Jah Love the artiste and Soul Jah Love the songster. The songster has a political inclination and has his own political views.

“There is also the artiste side of the star and that is what we manage, to get the best out of that value no matter the platform.”

His manager admitted that the star was riding high on a crest of fame with most of his songs resonating among many youths.

“We are happy with the recognition, we have a whole host of gigs lined up and we are participating at various platforms, which is adding to the artist’s value,” Nyandoro said.

“We are grateful for that and we are not taking it for granted.” —Farayi Machamire


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