Lack of focus paralyses dance industry

LACK of creativity and poor management has hit hard on the dance industry, a development that has seen the majority of dance groups folding.

Zimbabwe boasts over 100 professional dance groups with 45 of them registered under Dancers Association of Zimbabwe (Daz) led by Hapaguti “Hapaz” Mapimhidze and Precious “Wasu” Makwame.

Some of the groups that have since folded include Mambokadzi which is now into theatre, Girls of Peace, Explosion, Banyana Bafana, Four Angels, Lambadossa Stars, New Styles, Amavithikazi and Ghetto Queens among others.

“What kills the majority of dance groups is their lack of originality or creativity; fans are not interested in one type of dance time and again as it is monotonous.

“The other factor is lack of proper management and professionalism. Some dance groups folded because their members ended up engaging in sexual relationships with promoters in order to get extra favours and as a result jeopardising their professionalism,” Mapimhidze said.

“Once you expose your lack of focus or professionalism it will allow promoters to abuse you and that was exactly what happened with some of the groups that folded. Promoters ended up paying them peanuts, forcing them to relinquish the trade.”

Mapimhidze who doubles as Beverly Sibanda’s Sexy Angels manager went on to say dance groups should not rely on one form of market.

“In life they say don’t put all your eggs in one basket and when applied to the dance industry, the players should always think outside the box and open up new markets including dancing at weddings, conferences and even at funerals among others.

“This will help them keep their boats always afloat. The problem we have in our industry is that some dance groups are so lazy to look for shows and as a result rely on bars and night clubs engagements,” he said.

However, despite the high number of dance groups folding periodically, there are some groups that are doing well on the market.

These include Sexy Angels led by Beverly Sibanda, Zoey’s Red Angels, Wasu, Amageshi, Crazy Boys and Apama Styles among others.

“Even though dancers such as Zoey and Bev controversially make headlines in the media time and again, I respect them because they are focussed.

“They listen to advice; above all they are very creative and original. As a result, they remain competitive on the market.”
Some of the dance groups that are visible in the showbiz include all-boys group Fresh Crew, Fearless and Pramastove which is being managed by former Jah Prayzah manager Filda Muchabaiwa. —Vasco Chaya


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