Pokello humbled in war of words

FORMER Big Brother Africa (BBA) contestant Pokello Nare was last weekend dressed down in a Facebook war, as her nude pictures resurfaced and her marriage to Ghanaian tailor Elikem Kumordzie was questioned.

The war of words erupted between Pokello and UK-based Taka Chivore. It created a buzz on social media networks the whole week as debate about Nare’s attendance at Tazvi Mhaka’s yacht birthday party in Cape Town ignited the furore.
Kutonhodzwa kwachauruka — loosely translated to mean the humbling of Chauruka from the 1968 book by Shona novelist David Chiguvare — is how Zimbabweans described Pokello’s humiliation.

Chivore seemed to have all the dirt on Pokello. And he dished it out, dissing her after she had lashed out at him on his Facebook wall for suggesting that certain Zimbabwean women were cheating on their spouses.

Pokello took this personally, and saw it as an unwarranted attack on her and her girlfriends — Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa and Jackie Ngirande — who attended businessman Tazvi Mhaka’s birthday party in Cape Town. Chivore did not mention names in his post.

Also in attendance at the party was socialite Genius Kadungure, whose partner Zodwa Mkandhla was not in attendance.
Chivore took no prisoners as he lashed out at Pokello for living a pretentious life on social media. He inferred she was not a celebrity but just someone who just became known after she starred in a sex tape with her former boyfriend, rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme.

His post attracted over 9 000 comments in less than 48 hours, as people tagged each other the post and others added their input on the whole saga.

Others openly supported Chivore on his wall for exposing Pokello as a “fake celebrity”.

But it was the harsh exchanges between Pokello and Chivore that entertained Facebook users, with others taking screenshots to share with those who might have missed the two’s comments.

Others joked that they were selling the screenshots to those who did not have the energy to scroll down the thousands of comments to get the gist of the story.

The socialite is known for her savage attacks on other people, but on the day she ended up throwing in the towel. She concluded her posts by showing off that her mother sat next to President Robert Mugabe at Zanu PF events.

Chivore went for the jugular, and trashed Pokello’s shoe business suggesting she was selling cheap Chinese shoes which she just painted pink on the bottom to overprice them.

He said the shoes where causing corn (konzi) in women because of their cheap quality.

He also went on to say unlike what people believed about her husband, Kumordzie was actually poor, and that is why Pokello was cheating with the so-called rich guys of Harare to sustain her expensive lifestyle.

Other people took screenshots of her sex tape and posted them on the thread, as others posted her Big Brother’s “Shower Hour” or bath time pictures.

The birthday boy, Mhaka, took to his Instagram on Monday defending Pokello.

“I choose to stick with my friends no matter what. I will be breaking the friendship code by sitting idle whilst morality, ethics and principles social media supervisors slander and throw people so special and invaluable to me in the muddy waters. These are my sisters and brothers by all means. It means nothing if you think otherwise.

“Firstly, my birthday party was organised by my friends as a surprise. As with such events, invitees are invariably drawn from friends and family. Pokello, Jacqueline and Ruvheneko are my sisters, and that will remain a fact, regardless of a penchant by some to arouse speculation.

“Secondly, Pokello’s husband was invited by organisers of the party. Regrettably, owing to prior business engagements in Paris, he could not attend much as he would have loved to. The attendance by his wife was with his full blessings.
“Finally, it is always prudent, if not courteous, to verify information before deploying defamatory statements and innuendo on social media and newspapers,” Mhaka wrote on his Instagram.
— Bridget Mananavire


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