'Zanu PF will bring dead bodies for BVR'

CORNERED Zanu PF will bring dead bodies to register for Biometric Voters Registration (BVR), the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC national youth assembly chairperson, Happymore Chidziva, has said.

Speaking to the Weekend Post recently Chidziva said if the Zimbabwe Election Commission (Zec) implements BVR in a transparent manner, the ruling party will be left with no option but to bring dead bodies for registration.

“We have put them in the corner, if Zec do their job effectively on BVR Zanu PF will come with dead bodies to register them as voters. The issue is now different from the past; previously Zanu PF managed to manipulate the voters’ roll because there was no biometric aspect. However, in the meantime we must not celebrate because there are still many irregularities on the issue of BVR.”

In previous elections, Zec has been accused of using voters’ roll with deceased people who were allegedly used to manipulate the elections in favour of Zanu PF.

Chidziva’s sentiments come as civil society organisations have expressed worry over the possibility of Zec reverting to the old voters’ roll due to the limited time left to implement the BVR technology ahead of the 2018 election.

Opposition parties coalescing under the banner of the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) are also at odds with the government over its hijacking of the acquisition of BVR kits, which they say could lead to a manipulated election next year.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu recently said there is a possibility that Zec will fail to implement BVR and will likely revert to the old voter register.

“As the country’s largest and most popular political party, the MDC should start preparing for the worst-case scenario, that is a scenario in which the BVR process will be abandoned by Zec mid-stream and we have the elections in 2018 being conducted using the old, manipulated and crooked national voters’ roll,” he said.

“It is not too late for us to start strategising and computing a viable and effective Plan B. The Zanu PF regime is essentially renegade, insipidly corrupt and incorrigibly dishonest.

“Zec is emasculated and virtually powerless in the scheme of things, particularly regarding the running of a free, fair and credible election that can easily pass the test of legitimacy.

“Election 2018 is just around the corner but Zec is still ducking and diving. An election is a process, not an event; a marathon and not a sprint.”

Gutu said the BVR process must be implemented expeditiously to enable all stakeholders to be fully on board in time for next year’s election.

The opposition parties are fearing a repeat of 2008 situation where Tsvangirai beat Mugabe hands down in the presidential election, which saw results being withheld for a suspiciously long six weeks, amid widespread allegations of ballot fiddling and manipulation.

When the widely discredited results of that poll were eventually announced, Tsvangirai was forced into a presidential run-off which he pulled out of following deadly violence against his supporters, hundreds of whom were murdered in cold blood.

Mugabe would go on to stand in a widely condemned one-man race in which he declared himself the winner.
However, Sadc and the rest of the international community would not accept the poll, forcing the nonagenarian to share power with Tsvangirai for five years, to prevent the country from imploding completely. — Blessings Mashaya [GoogleAd]

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