Govt gets it right

GOOD news is rare in Zimbabwe. The little that comes once in a while is worth celebrating.

While the rehabilitation of roads is hardly any news in better governed economies such as neighbouring Mozambique, in Zimbabwe, it is almost like a moment that should be savoured.

For long, the country has been on a downward slide, characterised by infrastructural breakdown.
As we write, there is no rail network as the National Railways of Zimbabwe, just like the national carrier Air Zimbabwe, is on the deathbed.

Our infrastructure, just like our political leadership, needs a complete overhaul.

So the announcement by government that money has been set aside for fixing roads is sweet news to people who were cut off from other areas after the deluge of rains washed away bridges, or have to navigate potholes daily.

In the past few weeks, President Robert Mugabe commissioned the Harare-Beitbridge road.
Transport minister Jorum Gumbo has also indicated that $100 million has been set aside for road rehabilitation. That is indeed refreshing.

Several bridges were swept away by floods that hit the country early this year and most roads are turning into trenches, with most rural areas inaccessible.

It is thus worth noting that government, as cash strapped as it is, takes rehabilitation of roads seriously. And indeed, it should, because without roads, people are cut from markets, hospitals and even schools.

While some could be celebrating bumper harvests, thanks to above normal rains, it will be difficult to take their produce to markets unless there are roads and modes of communication that enable transportation of the harvested crop.

Lives have been lost due to the state of the country’s roads, the potholes on most of our main roads have become death traps and hopefully the $100 million will be used transparently and will go to deserving areas.

As mentioned above, Mugabe launched the Harare-Beitbridge road project, but no sooner had he launched it, did we hear some misguided Zanu PF elements claiming ownership of the project.

Zanu PF should not hijack national projects for patronage reasons. We condemn this political posturing on a national project with the strongest words because all Zimbabweans deserve a piece of the national cake.

Apart from that, these projects create jobs, they also have a domino effect of boosting the economy, which is currently in the death throes.


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