Prophet to avail God's phone number

IT IS total madness for Paul Sanyangore, a controversial “prophet” to promise his congregants God’s phone number, Presbyterian preacher Obadiah Musindo has said.

Musindo said the claim was bound to confuse people.

“This is total madness to promise God’s number. That is making God human. You are making God subject to technology. God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

“He is everywhere and can do anything. He is all powerful. What does he need a cell phone for?” Musindo queried.

He said preachers should focus on explaining the word of God in a clear and concise manner.

“I need to encourage prophets and preachers in this country to preach the word of God, not to confuse people.

“Zimbabweans have to be careful because there are so many gods, too many powers. They must discern and check which spirit is behind some of these things. You might actually be given a phone number and a god would answer — god, and not the Almighty God. Don’t play with God... He has no phone number,” Musindo said.

Sanyangore said he will be sharing the contact this Sunday during a prophetic service that will also come out on his Victory TV.

“The time is ripe, come Sunday the contact will be shared. I will not intercede on behalf of people they will be talking to the creator directly. We will have the event beamed on our television channel — Victory TV — for the avoidance of explanations and misrepresentations,” he said.

“When the Israelites demanded to see God, Moses prayed and asked God to present himself. I have had a similar situation and it is time that I share the contact and there are conditions thereto.

“People have to be pure — come Sunday — to contain the number. It is going to be a prophetic service at our Kingstons House base, it is a day not to be missed for healing and deliverance,” he said.

Musindo also questioned the prevalence of news of flimsy miracles when “needed miracles” were not obtaining adding that locals were also making themselves vulnerable to being duped by expecting to go through life on the back of miracles.

“There are people who are sick, dying of cancer, who are in need of financial support and someone talks of having a braai with God.

“Zimbabweans should stop looking for cheap miracles and start working. Pray and work. Take action. The Bible says faith without works is dead. I learnt something important from Prophet Makandiwa and Pastor Chris — working. They work hard and they have a strong grounding in the word.

“God ordained the principle of working, so people must work, not looking for cheap miracles,” Musindo said in a candid interview.

He said while it was possible for God to grant any miracle people should not expect to get through life without breaking any sweat.

“What most people are essentially saying is that God should turn stones into bread. Jesus could even have done that throughout his ministry but he did not want to use that principle but many people are doing that which is totally wrong in my view,” Musindo said. —Bernard Chiketo in MUTARE

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