Musicians fail to maintain their children

WITH the harsh economic environment prevailing in the country, a number of artistes have been dragged to courts of law and making headlines in media for failing to look after their children.

Some of the artistes who approached the courts of law over child maintenance issues include Suluman Chimbetu, Allan Chimbetu and Alick Macheso among others while Freddy Manjalima aka Kapfupi and Peter Moyo made headlines in local media for neglecting their children.

Last year, Kapfupi was reported to have been neglecting his now three-year-old daughter he fathered with Patience Chimbare, 28. The 40-year-old comedian-cum-musician was also reported to have even refused to acquire the child’s birth certificate as a way to circumvent being dragged to court over maintenance issues.

Late last year controversial sungura artiste Moyo reportedly neglected his daughter — Mikaela — whom he had with one Nyasha Ndoro of Kwekwe.

Early this year, rising artiste Ashton Tapiwa Nyahora, better known as Mbeu reportedly abandoned his heavily pregnant wife Praise Chipungu in Norton and went to stay with a girlfriend in Warren Park in Harare.
In 2014, Macheso approached the courts to slash the $750 monthly maintenance fee to $450.

The monthly amount is used to look after the Tafadzwa hit maker’s two children he had with ex-wife Tafadzwa Mapako.

Macheso argued that the $750 was too much for him considering the prevailing economic condition in the country.
Recently, Chimbetu popularly known as Sulu in the music circles was arrested for failing to look after his two children he had with Marygold Mutemasango.

Sulu was ordered to pay $800 monthly for the upkeep of the children.

He failed to raise the amount for two months (January and February) making the figure to double to $1 600, hence the arrest.

In his defence, Chimbetu said the judgement granted last year by a Harare Civil magistrate was a bit harsh on him considering the prevailing economic situation and the nature of his job.

However, Mutemasango withdrew the case for out of court settlement.

In 2012, Sulu’s uncle Allan Chimbetu was arrested for defaulting in paying maintenance to his estranged wife Mildred Mapuranga.

The Sonny hit maker reportedly failed to pay the monthly $60 for 10 months for the upkeep of his daughter Amanda.—Vasco Chaya

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