Brother punishes sister by watching her naked

A HARARE woman has complained of how her brother violated her privacy after he stormed into her room and starred at her naked while demanding gate keys.

Sihle Moyo was applying for a protection order against her brother Aleck Bhebhe at Harare Civil Court this week.
Moyo said her brother was frustrating her stay at their parents’ residence by ordering her family to leave the house.
“He does not respect me at all and insults me using obscene language in his wife’s presence.

“Everyone at the house no longer respects me and I feel my integrity has been shuttered. What hurts me the most is that I took over taking care of him and my other siblings at very tender ages when my mother left for the United Kingdom,” Moyo said.

“He calls me a whore and witch in my husband’s presence and the other day he came demanding gate keys saying he wanted to keep them. I was about to dress up and told him to wait but he stormed into my bedroom and starred at me naked.

“I was so embarrassed but had to look for the keys for him to leave.”

Moyo further claimed that she had been arrested over false reports made by her brother to frustrate her.
“Our mother sends us goods and clothes from the UK for my children and his, but he goes on and makes theft reports at the police that I would have stolen the same. He also feeds our mother with bad information about me and my family and that has torn us apart.”

However, Bhebhe refuted the claims and said his sister had failed to proffer tangible evidence to substantiate her allegations to the court.

“There was a meeting at the house in August last year when the mother returned from the UK and it was decided that the applicant and her family must leave the residence in question,” Bhebhe’s lawyer said.
Magistrate Sharon Chapanga granted the protection order and advised both parties to observe peace against each other.—Tarisai Machakaire

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