NetOne reaches out to churches

NETONE has shifted its focus to churches in an unprecedented effort to reclaim its pole position in the telecommunications sector.

The State-owned mobile phone operator, which is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to reach over 10 million subscribers this year, said churches should embrace technology in its day-to-day activities.

“I challenge all churches in Zimbabwe to embrace Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) so as to move in contemporary times. Don’t be left behind. You can listen to sermons on your mobile phones, or pay tithes via our platforms,” NetOne’s public relations manager George Manyaya told a Christian gathering recently.

NetOne’s strategy resonates well with the latest global trends where churches are realising the benefits of introducing technology into their services to reach wider audiences and “spread the message”.

From mobile Apps, social media platforms, interactive websites and even live streaming services all over the world, churches are embracing technology.

“This is the language young people understand. If churches are not willing to transform they will lose membership as congregations are ageing and therefore diminishing. You need to reach more young people who are exploring their spirituality. These people Google first before doing anything,” Manyaya added.

Religious experts said the church cannot inform when it is short of information.

This comes as the use of ICTs is helping lots of churches gain more information because before you can be able to reach out more effectively, some studies concerning your target audience makes it more easier to get at them.
“The uses of ICT have also helped Christians reach more resources than ever. For instance, anyone anywhere can make research concerning any given subject on the Internet!

“The Internet is a breakthrough technology which the Church must not ignore because the kingdom of darkness is bent on taking over the Internet and that is because they can spread much faster through the Internet,” said Debra Mapere.
The 23-year-old church pastor said the truth is, evil will always increase when Christians don’t draw more souls to God.

“These days, people in areas without Church or countries where Christianity is prohibited can still gain access to lots of resources or even watch engage in Church services without having to erect a Church or board a flight to a church building,” she said.

“Many people have reportedly given their hearts to Jesus after reading some Christian articles online or watching Christian teachings.

“With ICT, the Church is communicating much more than ever before! If there was Internet in the time of Jesus, who said Jesus won’t have a website and social media profiles?” Mapere added.

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