Healers embrace social media

TRADITIONAL healers have not been left out of the World Wide Web as they have taken to the social media platform to perform their duties and fill in the void created by the absence of aunties and uncles in the family system.

Urbanisation and migration due to mainly economic reasons has accelerated the dynamism of culture. Getting into the 21st century, the family social fibre has virtually broken down giving birth to online Tetes and Sekurus.

One such healer is Gogo MaNgwenya of Dzivaresekwa in Harare who uses social media to educate women on bedroom issues and general marriage matters. Born Bridget Chinhu, Mbuya MaNgwenya says many marriages are breaking down because of lack of guidance. Gogo MaNgwenya also said there are spiritual matters which many people especially women of this age do not understand.

“After realising that many marriages are breaking down because of things we can address, we thought it fit to use the technology to help our people. We realised that with people always online on WhatsApp, why not take advantage of that and reach out to vazukuru vedu,” Gogo MaNgwenya told WeekendPost.

“Now if you ask a girl if she has been to her Tete to talk about adolescent, she will tell you that I don’t even have a Tete or that she doesn’t get along with her mother or my Tete also doesn’t know anything.
“But we are saying men are leaving their wives at home not because they are promiscuous but there is no happiness and pleasure at home. It is that happiness and pleasure that we teach them to provide at home. I am glad to say that since I have started I have had a number of women coming back saying that Gogo you have helped me save my marriage or helped me get one after rejection.”

The traditional healer also said that there are also spiritual things that affect women in marriages.
“There are some with bad omen cast on them so it is that omen that we cast away. We cleanse them and also remove warts called Sare, rinopa munyama nekudya vana. Women with Sare suffer still births and are shunned by men,” she added.

“Because of the social life and the food that people consume these days as well as the use of contraception methods used, women’s hormones and body system is disturbed. Some become cold so we have herbs which regulate their body. Also with age some become cold so we have herbs that also make their blood hotter. Some women when they get on some family planning methods they become abnormally fat,” added Gogo MaNgwenya.

She also said that men suffer a lot in silence as they are shy to look for help.
“Varume havasi kumuka mudzimba umu, vakarara varara kusvika mangwana. Men must perform their conjugal duties to perfection. Many are getting into marriage without even having eaten mazondo and it’s not only ordinary mazondo but zondo remberi rakarungwa nemushonga,” she said of men.

“So we also help marriages by giving the man more power. The system of a man needs service and a man must have guchu rake that cleans the system, our forefathers stayed with these in their bedrooms and our mothers also knew how to prepare these. Now because of the lifestyles of today men no longer eat traditional foods that give them virility and are now like brothers to their own wives. Fast foods have a lot of fat which is not good for men and men tend to get tired easily because of fat and in the process fat affects their erection as well.”—Austin Karonga

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