Grace dances for Cde Chinx

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe left a gathered crowd at Dick Chingaira’s handover ceremony eating from her palm after she danced for the revered musician who is battling ill health.

The wheelchair bound Chingaira affectionately known as Cde Chinx was being given a recently built house in Sentosa courtesy of the Zimbabwe Music Awards.

“Anoimba Chinx asi nhasi ndinoda kumutambira (Chinx sings but today I want to dance for him),” she said, igniting laughter.

“I love you comrade Chinx, you know that. I love your music.”

The first Lady revealed that she was obsessed with gym and local music.

“Every day, you know what I do? I go into the gym in the morning,” she said.

“I support local content, only local content, in the gym, I alternate, I go onto the machine, I go onto the dance floor, ndichitamba kumbosunungura nyama (dancing and freeing my body). Hondo Ye Minda is my best song, its number one.”

She further added: “There is no song of yours I don’t know,” before imitating Chinx dance floor moves.
“I told you I will dance for you comrade Chinx. That’s how you dance. But we don’t just look at your dancing but what your music does to us.”

Never far from controversy, Grace later turned executor over the estate of a wheelchair bound Chinx, allocating the new home to his first wife — Patricia.

An ailing Chinx somehow found the strength to interrupt.

“Is there anything that has been planned for Ntombizodwa,” he said.

Grace went on to pass the buck to Nyadzayo, asserting he should find a way to solve the impasse
She had earlier spilt the bins — Chinx family matters — revealing that the revered musician was a father of 16 children.

“You came to me and told me that you have 16 children, yes, but I don’t know what happened to the other ones because I know you now have 14…that is what God wanted, we should not ask why…no one is perfect,” she said.Grace later turned emotional.

“..Comrade Chinx proverbs 16 vs 9, my heart bleeds to see you like this but I want to encourage you with this verse ‘In their hearts humans plant their course but the Lord establishes their steps’ in your heart comrade Chinx you want to entertain people with your songs but you are in a wheelchair, its God’s will,” she said.
“But we should also remember that he was in the liberation struggle some of the clothes he wore were laced with poison. So he is sick like this vakaitwa kafira mberi…but it does not matter now, do not despair...we don’t want to say all this to a coffin but we want to say this while you are alive.”—Farayi Machamire

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