Byo artiste selected for 'Unified Women Project'

NOMA Damasane better known in arts circles as Lady Tshawe has come first ahead of many talented young women who responded to the open call for female Zimbabwean scriptwriters in March.

The call was made by Nhimbe Trust Bulawayo and YoungVic Theatre UK under the “The Unified Women Project Script Writer” initiative.

Nhimbe Trust director Josh Nyapimbi noted that the women project will provide cultural exchange between young women and emerging creatives in both the UK and Zimbabwe, through collaboration to produce a unique theatre piece which will explore topical themes such as migration, conflict, feminism and the way in which the ideas relate to their lives and differing experiences.

Together with a director from the UK, the participants are set to do workshop, rehearse, and then perform a sharing of what they have produced.

“Set to roll out this September, the project will empower young women aged 18 - 25 from some of the most vulnerable communities in London and Bulawayo, as they come together to jointly create a theatre piece, and a call was made for a female playwright from Zimbabwe to work alongside the director as a creative team,” Nyapimbi said.

On the other hand Lady Tshawe said she was humbled to be chosen ahead of many others. “I am ever so humbled to have been selected to be a part of this project. For me this project not only means that I get to write a play but it means I get to learn! I get to grow as an artist. I get to be inspired by a different school of thought and I get to face a fear.

“And as always I am up for a challenge! I am looking forward to working with the director and the creative team as a whole,” she said.

Nyapimbi described Lady Tshawe as a gifted and multi- faceted artist whose artistic style, expression and image embody her abilities, aspirations and achievements as a musician, poet, writer, dancer, actress and creative thinker.

“Her convictions and views about equal opportunities for self-expression influence her writing, theatrical roles, music and conversations.”

Lady Tshawe comes from a rich line of Nguni thinkers and creative workers with her father, a poet himself, having been her strongest influence.

She was educated at SOS Primary School and Petra High School in Bulawayo, and completed her BA degree in Drama and Ethnomusicology at Rhodes University in South Africa.

Since 2003 she has published, sang, acted and written an impressive list of ground-breaking artistic products and projects. Most recently she is featured as a lead role in the vivid and high-energy production Tellers: The Musical by Raisedon Baya which is set to premier in Harare from May 5 to 6.—Jeffrey Muvundusi

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