Spirit Mediums preach peace

MEDIUMS of the country’s most revered spirits converged in Chikomba District recently for a thanks-giving ceremony for the good harvests the country has received as well as praying for peace in the country.

The mediums, according to the ceremony’s host, Alice Masoko — the spirit medium of Firakutumwa of Nyanga — who are the custodians of the mystic Nyanga Mountain a country at peace enjoys a tranquil environment, especially at this point in time the nation gears itself for elections next year.

“Every year, spirit mediums from all over the country meet at this time to thank our ancestors and God after every season. This was a ceremony to review the season,” Masoko told the Weekend Post.

“As is the norm, we look at whether the ancestors would have rewarded us abundantly or not and we are glad that this time, we have been blessed with a bumper harvest. It’s the best in so many years and it’s a cause to thank God and the ancestors. Remember before the start of the rainy season, we hold biras asking for rains and this time our prayers were well answered.”

Masoko also said the ceremony prayed that there be tranquillity in the country as the nation builds up for the general elections next year.  She said as spirit mediums, they want tolerance in the country despite the differences in political ideologies and thinking.

“As we go for elections, we preach for peace and tranquillity in the country. Kana takuenda kusarudzo tinokumbira mutoro werunyararo nekugadzikana munyika.  Hatidi kurasika kweropa kana mhirizhonga munyika nekuti semasvikiro, hatidi kudeuka kweropa. If there is violence in the country, everything is disturbed and more people suffer so we don’t want that as spirit mediums, what we want is tolerance,” she added.

“We also prayed that there is less carnage on the country’s roads. We have noted with concern the loss of lives, especially public holidays in road accidents. We did pray for the cleansing of black spots on the major roads as some of the causes of the accidents are spiritual more than human error. We have to accept that there are some things that an ordinary eye cannot see and we rectify that by going back to our tradition because every place where a life is lost in an improper manner should be exorcised.”—Austin Karonga

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