Sex workers give out business cards

WITH the harsh economic environment engulfing the entire country, desperate commercial sex workers have designed innovative ways of marketing their work as they now give business cards to their clients.

While Zimbabweans have been known to find ways to eke out a living in the most dire of circumstances, the sex trade appears to be getting more bizarre by the day and sex workers are so daring that they can indulge in sex anywhere as long as there is cover of darkness.

At a popular Harare bar — Jongwe Corner in Hatfield — sex workers have come up with innovative ways of marketing their work and are now giving business cards to their clients.

“We are giving these business cards so that if a client is satisfied with my service he can easily call me for another dance.

“This is a good way to helps us market our work and services,” a sex worker, who only identified herself as Tatenda, said.

Another sex worker said people must respect them because they are trying to make a living like any other Zimbabwean.

“Some of us are here because we failed to get formal jobs. Some have degrees in various disciplines so people must not look down upon us.

“We know the advantages of marketing and we are in the right direction by giving our clients business cards.”
According to some of the women, they are now accepting their clients to buy them groceries due to cash shortages.

“We are struggling to survive, so we are doing everything for us to get food on the table.

“For me, before the cash crisis, I would raise more than $20 on daily basis but due to the current economic difficulties, we are struggling to get even $8, so we are now accepting even groceries,” said one of the sex workers who refused to be named.

She added that some sex workers are now also selling drugs to their clients in a bid to improve their daily revenues.

“After discovering that this business is not paying, some are now selling drugs and they are happy that they are getting more money from this business.”

Some people who stay in the Avenues are even letting their rooms to sex workers during the day while they are at work.
According to the sex workers, most of their daylight clients are professionals who do not come drunk as is often the case with night clients.

They added that the men are usually married, and even show them pictures of their families. —Blessings Mashaya

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