Mugabe must sort out country's mess

ZANU PF never ceases to amaze people. When the economy tumbles, it remains stone silent.
When hundreds are faced with hunger, the ruling party remains deathly quiet, but when one of its bigwigs is threatened, the President Robert Mugabe government swiftly sets up a taskforce. For what, if people may ask?

Mugabe only stirs from his permanent stupor when his power is threatened, as is the current situation where he is seeing shadows everywhere, this time from his embattled national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere.

Expulsions that take place in Zanu PF — a party that has caused untold suffering among the populace and which we cannot wait to see out of power — are not the concern of anybody.

Mugabe’s party is in government and is being sustained by taxes which are being added by the day.
Mugabe and his Zanu PF on Wednesday dispatched a high-powered delegation to Bindura to resolve the Kasukuwere issue and the whole nation is being held hostage by these taskforces that are only set up to prop up the 93-year-old.

It appears Mugabe never considers the suffering people are going through; he does not seem to understand that most Zimbabweans are not interested in power games but just want to have something to eat at the end of the day.

Zimbabweans want water, drugs in hospitals, their hard-earned salaries which are stuck in banks, and a clear roadmap to the thorny succession issue which remains the albatross around ordinary people’s necks.

Everybody is aware that Mugabe is the problem and he will never provide solutions unless he leaves office now and resolve the succession issue which has been repellent to investment and is one of the reasons why we are currently the region’s laughing stock.

Instead of setting up a probe team to investigate why people keep on creating so-called parallel structures, Mugabe is lost in the wrong belief that he still commands support among the masses and even in his own party.

Mugabe and his warring party must heed calls to give Zimbabweans a break and focus more on delivering the over 2 million jobs promised in 2013, and also in realigning the country’s draconian laws with the Constitution.

Mugabe and his team of hangers-on must stop these drama plays, tired Zimbabweans want better things than factional probes.

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