Zanu PF must apologise to me - Mliswa

OUTSPOKEN Norton Constituency MP Temba Mliswa has said Zanu PF must apologise to him for expelling him from the party based on personal vendettas that were being pushed by his foes in the ruling party.

Speaking to the Weekend Post this week, Mliswa, who has vowed in the past that he will never go back to Zanu PF, said the party was the one that was supposed to apologise to him.

Mliswa was expelled from Zanu PF in 2015 together with other party heavyweights including Didymus Mutasa, on allegations of undermining the party and its leadership.

“I have always said that (the party must apologise to me). All of them say I must write a letter and I ask, to say what, to say that I wanted to kill the president?

“I never wanted to kill the president, I worked hard, I had an MDC Constituency which I gave to Zanu PF, I won the province very well.

“I did everything that I could, they miss me in that province, they want me back in that province but it’s up to the party, if the party is bigger than individuals I want to see how big the party is, it is important that they rise to that occasion of being bigger than individuals,” Mliswa said.

Mliswa’s comments comes at a time Zanu PF national political commissar (PC) Saviour Kasukuwere is under pressure to relinquish his party position on allegations of attempting to topple Mugabe.

Six provinces have since endorsed the calls for a vote of no confidence to be passed against Kasukuwere, who is facing the boot together with his brother Dickson Mafios and their presumed allies — outspoken Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene and youth league boss Kudzanai Chipanga — on allegations of attempting to topple Mugabe.

Mliswa said the same allegations being used to topple the current Zanu PF members, is the same tactic that was used to expel him and other party members.

He said it is now increasingly clear to Zanu PF that the expulsions are being pushed to settle scores.
“I always spoke to him (Kasukuwere) saying, being the national PC, it was important for him to show magnanimity by recalling everybody back and say we went through a bad patch, invite vana (Joice) Mujuru back, invite everybody back and its true now that they realised that it was more personal than political.

I think it’s now pretty clear, the question that I have is, now that the president sees that and knows that, why did they expel me — now that they realise that it was something that people were working on which was personal.” Mliswa queried.

He added: “The problems with these issues too is that they become personal, there are those people who you don’t like, who don’t like where you are and they see it as an opportunity to be able to do that (push for your expulsion).”

He said Zanu PF has failed to manage its factions and realise that it is the electorate that suffers when it recalls its members.

“There seems to be a problem with parties, they seem to abuse their powers, they can recall you at any time without considering the electorate, it is the electorate that suffers. Go to Hurungwe West today, it is the electorate crying and the electorate does not forget, it is the tree that has been cut, the axe has gone,” Mliswa said. —Tendai Kamhungira

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