Hopley to have first clinic

HARARE City Council (HCC), International Labour Organisation (ILO) and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) are partnering to construct the first clinic in Hopley, HCC health services director Prosper Chonzi said.
Chonzi said UNFPA has agreed to assist the city with funding for construction of a clinic and youth centre, distribution of free sexual and reproductive health services to all key populations and support of sexual and gender-based violence clinics in the area.

The funding comes as Harare was grappling to contain the growing population of Harare South which includes Hopley into their health facilities.

“The support by UNFPA amounted to $356 100 with regard to the clinic and youth centre on condition that council commences construction using their own resources up to slab level since the aid agency does not fund construction projects from scratch,” he said.

He added that ILO would construct the road from the clinic to the main Chitungwiza road at a cost of $120 000.
Chonzi said as for the road construction, council would provide 260 cubic metres of stone and approximately 500 cubic metres of quarry dust.

The doctor said the whole project would utilise the local populations labour especially the vulnerable groups of the community.

“The youth centre will provide skills and recreational facilities to the community while the clinic will benefit the area through making affordable health services accessible to the residents of Hopley and surrounding suburbs of Harare South,” Chonzi said.

The clinic would be the first in Hopley after Chonzi said there would be two district hospitals in Harare, with one of the facilities to be constructed by the ministry of health.

Chonzi said land for the district hospitals has already been identified with one of the facilities being located in Harare South near Stoneridge.

“We have reserved land near High Glen for our hospital. Need is what is growing to drive the priorities. Apart from the hospitals, Harare needs at least three more poly clinics that can provide services such as X-rays, caesarean sections, dental and laboratory facilities,” Chonzi said.

Chonzi said the hospital’s strategic locations in the periphery of Harare would be easier to access for residents in areas such as Hopley, and settlements that are growing out of Harare. —Helen Kadirire

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