Govt's move a show of desperation

WHILE the country thought it had seen and heard it all, government recently pulled another shocker, announcing that schools could accept goats as a form payment for tuition fees.

In as far as the idea might help assist the underprivileged in a country where there is a shortage of cash, it is the implementation of the programme that might create problems for the schools and the parents.

This is the reason why this idea created sarcasm and drew much ridicule on social media after it was made public.

What is more interesting is that there is going to be a problem in putting value to each of the goats that will be brought to the schools.

Whether there is going to be a uniform price per kilogramme for the goats or the parents will set their own price remains to be seen.

The schools will also have problems selling the goats, considering this is being induced by obtaining cash shortages.

This also further means these schools have to construct pens where they will keep the animals.
Transport to take the animals to the respective schools will be another challenge, especially in cases where the learners live far from the schools.

This could mean an extra cost for the parents who may lose other goats in setting off transport costs.
We feel this is a complex proposal muddled in confusion and difficult to implement.

The other proposal was that parents could offer to pay the fees using labour, which again creates serious problems in circumstances where everybody offers their labour.

In any case, the schools themselves are also affected by the cash crunch, meaning they will struggle to have the cash to finance other day-to-day activities.
There are several activities that take place at schools that need to be sponsored and facilitated using hard cash, and cannot be substituted by either goats or labour.
For example, students need to go for extra-curriculum activities, which involve travelling from one point to another.
All these journeys cannot be sponsored by labour offered by parents or goats that have no buyer.
It is therefore imperative on the part of government to come up with feasible policies, in as far as it would want to appear as though it wants to make it easier for the citizens.

All these are responses of a desperate government that does not want to tell people the truth.
Every Zimbabwean is clear in his or her mind that Zanu PF has failed and our problems today can be traced back to the party’s doorstep.

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