Mugabe 'death' pastor at it again

VOCAL cleric Phillip Mugadza, who is always looking for creative ways to voice his frustrations at government, this time took his fishing line to a huge pothole in the middle of a street in Harare, showing the extent of damage on the country’s roads.

Draped in a jute garment with a Zimbabwean map in the front, which had a weeping eye inside and inscribed Proverbs 29:2, Mugadza demonstrated how he could fish in the pothole as he also wore his collar and a chain around his neck.

“I was just trying to demonstrate that the roads no longer have potholes but fish ponds. We are going to end up with no roads at all. I was in Budiriro, I don’t even know the road, just found a pool of water,” Mugadza told the WeekendPost.

Mugadza added that the next time it will rain, he would be baptising people in the ponds.
This week, the cleric claimed that the State was trivialising him for exercising his constitutional right to protest, as his trial on criminal nuisance charges kicked off on Monday.

His lawyer, Gift Mtisi, argued that the Kariba-based Remnant Church leader was exercising his rights as enshrined in Section 60 of the Constitution.

The verse inscribed on his clothing, Proverbs 29:2, according to the New King James Version (NKJV) reads: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.”

“My name is Pastor Patrick Phillip Mugadza and as you can see I have a pot with me and also a fishing line. What am I doing here? I am here to demonstrate to say, this pool of water used to be called a pothole but I am not sure if it is still a pothole. I am putting it down to say that you need over 50 of these (pots) for it to be called a pothole. It cannot be like that anymore it is now a fishing pond,” Mugadza said in the video doing rounds on social networks.

“And I am here to say that Zimbabwe is going to be moving from potholes to fishing ponds and very soon we are not going to be having roads in the nation of Zimbabwe. So I am telling you Zimbabwe it is up to you, it is up to me for us to have a real Zimbabwe which we all want and a Zimbabwe which we are all going to be very much proud of. The nation is in pain and we cannot continue in this state anymore. We cannot afford to have our vote in 2018 being stolen by the Boko Haram regime. We need to stand up together and demand the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR). With God nothing is impossible.”

“This time around the government should not be given sole responsibility to acquire BVR kits; it will cause them to rig.” —Bridget Mananavire

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