Fake $20 note backfires for fraudsters

A HARARE man is being charged with attempted murder after reportedly running over an airtime vendor following a dispute on fake a $20 note.

Samuel Kambuzuma appeared before Harare magistrate Elisha Singano charged with attempted murder.
He was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Prosecutor Sabastian Mutizirwa alleged that on March 28 this year around 7pm Kambuzuma and his two accomplices who are still at large were in the company of Isaac Mavhura and Lovemore Chatukuta, who have already appeared in court on the same charges.

It is alleged that the gang arrived at Tonga Mandere’s tuck shop intending to buy airtime with a counterfeit $20 note.

Kambuzuma tendered the fake money and asked for airtime worth $4 and was given the juice cards and $16 change.

The court heard that Mandere immediately realised that the $20 note was fake and asked Kambuzuma and his accomplices to return the airtime and change he had given them.

However, Kambuzuma and his gang went into their car, a Honda Fit, intending to flee from the scene with Mandere’s money and airtime.

It was further alleged that Mandere went in front of the car and continued demanding his money back from the accused persons.

Kambuzuma then started the car and accelerated towards Mandere and when he realised that he could be hit, the complainant jumped over the bonnet and held onto the wipers.

The court heard that Kambuzuma did not stop the car but continued driving for 300 metres.

Mandere’s uncle, Casper Chirenje followed when he realised that his nephew was in danger.
It was alleged that Kambuzuma then lost control of the car while Mandere was hanging on the bonnet and hit a rock.

Mandere was reportedly thrown away following the impact and Chirenje went to the car and an altercation ensued between him and Mavhura.

Chirenje started pulling Mavhura from the car and was stabbed with a screw driver on the neck.
Members of the public who had gathered at the scene assisted in arresting Mavhura and took him to the police station.

Mavhura implicated Kambuzuma and Chatukuta, leading to their arrest. —Tarisai Machakaire

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