The writing on the wall

A new exhibition explores the history of modern urban graffiti — from its roots in the inner cities of Philadelphia and New York, through to the present day global graffiti movement.
Masters of Invention — at the Lettering Arts Centre in Suffolk — looks at the emergence of simple personal tags in the late 1960s, to highly intricate contemporary forms of this urban art.
It is curated by Errol Donald — a former graffiti artist whose work was displayed in the UK’s first exhibition dedicated to graffiti, in Bristol, more than 30 years ago.
“This new show is a unique visual history of a letter form that has evolved from humble beginnings,” he says.
“It is now a highly complex and sophisticated form of design practice, still faithful to its subversive, inventive origins.”
Cornbread, the pseudonym of Darryl McCray, is widely recognised as the first to popularise graffiti in the late 1960s.
But in 1971 he announced his retirement, as recorded in this image from the Philadelphia Inquirer. — BBC

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