This nonsense must come to an end

THE circus in Zanu PF never ends, and in as much it never cease to amaze, because of the depth of its insanity, it never improves the life of ordinary Zimbabweans who are wallowing in abject poverty.

While we appreciate the high and lows in politics, its unpredictability and fluidity — we are left tongue-tied when we try to look at the mindless succession wars that are played with reckless abandon by our rulers, indeed Zanu PF shows all and sundry that politics is a dirty game.

It is safe to say, since 2014, the ruling party has never been at ease with itself as purges have been the order of the day, with little regard given to the fundamentals such as the economy which, as we speak, is as good as nonexistent as government fails to balance its books — with billions in debt, both externally and internally.
This is not to mean we are commiserating with the latest victims of Zanu PF mad-dog purges, nay, we are not shedding a tear for either Eunice Sandi-Moyo or Sarah Mahoka.

As far as we are concerned, Zanu PF might as well press the self-destruct baton for all we care only that it is the ruling party with its hands on the levers of power and thus our lives.

So mahumbwe (child play) in Zanu PF should stop and those superintending over our sorry souls, which have known no good news since that controversial Zanu PF win in 2013, should do some little soul-searching and ?consider the troubled lives of the downtrodden in remote rural areas such as Nyamapanda.

The demonstrations against Mahoka and Sandi-Moyo come at a cost, people are bussed to the venues, money is distributed to participants and glossy posters are printed with messages that are not constructive.

All that money burnt for personal aggrandisement could go a long way in solving the problems that flood victims of Tsholotsho are facing.

As we continue counting the costs of the devastating effects of the deadly floods that hit areas like Tsholotsho, we are yet again reminded that in the eyes of Zanu PF, victims of the natural disasters are mere pawns in the grand scheme of things who count for nothing when push comes to shove.

When we see people demonstrating around the country, we wonder why there is no similar attention to victims of floods, and the have-nots in our society such as the blind and weak girls who are forced into early marriage by poverty.

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