Vendor casts spell on neighbour's daughter

A HARARE vendor accused of casting a spell that caused her colleague’s daughter to sustain a deformed face approached the Civil Court seeking a peace order this week.

Elina Karamba told Harare magistrate Sharon Chipanga that Lisa Kurwaisimba was breaching her peace by continuously calling her a witch at Warren Park market stalls where they sell their wares.

“Your Worship, everyone is afraid of me now and I no longer get customers because Kurwaisimba keeps telling people that I am a witch.

“She came to me the other day and accused me of casting a spell on her daughter.

“I don’t want her to talk to me anymore and if she has proof that I bewitched her daughter, she must tender it here in court because I do not ever want to hear about her accusations. It has been difficult for me to survive.”

Kurwaisimba confirmed the incident and said she had only gone to Karamba to apologise on behalf of her daughter.
“I only went to her to apologise on behalf of my daughter who had insulted her in January because the day after they had a scuffle, my daughter woke up with a deformed face (muromo wakaenda padivi).

“Even if you were to ask the police officer who served me court summons he will confirm that I told him exactly that.”
The peace order was granted and both parties were advised to observe peace against each other. —Tarisai Machakaire

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