Mugabe's two mysterious wrist watches

President Robert Mugabe’s ever-growing habit of wearing two wrist watches (circled on picture) has left many Zimbabweans wondering why the nonagenarian leader does that.

Mugabe’s fashion sense is undoubted, but his style of wearing a wrist watch on both his hands has remained a mystery and somewhat odd.

But Mugabe has always been an unconventional kind of man and no one has ever succeeded in telling him what to wear. During his 93rd birthday interview aired on the State broadcaster, Mugabe was yet again spotted with his two watches as he tiredly responded to questions on his rule, party business, and his successor.

Rumour has it that the other watch displays Singaporean time, where he usually goes for medical attention and is believed to be his second home.

Others bizarrely say it’s a sign that he is buying time for him to remain in power and rule Zimbabwe until death.
The WeekendPost tried to inquire from the president’s spokesperson George Charamba on the significance, however, the efforts were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered.

In his own words, it was not yet time for him to step down and give way for a successor to take over from him, but when the time comes “the people would choose whom they want to lead”.

For 37 years, Mugabe has been at the helm of the country leading Zanu PF party, and he even admitted that him and his party have “been in it for a long time.”

While his enemies are plotting for his downfall and for him to step down, the 93-year-old is busy buying time.
One thing observed by the WeekendPost was that in his pictures and videos the watches are never mixed, the silver one stays on the left while the gold one stays on the right.

Outside politics, Mugabe is known as a trendsetter on the fashion scene, and he might once again set the trend of wearing two watches.

At 93, Mugabe always makes sure he has a tie and jacket on, even when putting on his Zanu PF regalia.
The BBC in 2014 described Mugabe as a snappy dresser with Savile Row suits, with matching tie and handkerchief. “ . . . are what he is most comfortable in — and were his trademark until his former spin doctor Jonathan Moyo gave him a makeover in the early 2000s and he started campaigning in brightly coloured shirts emblazoned with his face and sports caps”.

But at any event Mugabe always scores as the gentleman.

Now his signature has inspired a designer fashion range.

The Mugabe signature has become a brand itself with designers stepping on each other’s toes just to personalise the brand. — Bridget Mananavire

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